Acqua Dolomia

Repositioning a brand in the mineral water segment.




Strategic Consulting, Creative Concept, Website, Social Media, Content Production, Reputation, Press Office



Its name comes from the Dolomia rock, from which it draws valuable minerals and properties beneficial to the body.

Bottled at the source, Acqua Dolomia springs in the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park and plays an important role in the world of bottled water, standing out especially in the HO.RE.CA. and VAR – returnable glass.

Strategic Consulting


Water is the second Italian food product with the fastest growing exports. Within this competitive and diversified context is Acqua Dolomia, whose strategic support is a path aimed at strengthening and reformulating the company’s positioning, with a view to enhancing the brand through involvement, including emotional involvement, with its audience.

Creative Concept


With its spring located within a UNESCO heritage site, Acqua Dolomia is a brand whose values have always embodied man’s bond with the environment.

It is the power of nature, its beauty, and above all, the enrosadira, the unmistakable pink color of the mountains at sunrise and sunset, that are the pivotal themes of an exclusive creative concept capable of touching emotional chords, as well as declining on different products and targets.



Acqua Dolomia is a brand whose values have become the foundation for the creation of a simple and delicate website, with colors that celebrate the phenomenon of the alpenglow, alternating more emotional texts with others, more technical.

Thanks to a careful selection of keywords and meta descriptions, this new Acqua Dolomia showcase is designed to “solve problems” and “answer questions” from users.

Technologies used

Social Media


Dedicated to the largest portion of the social audience, including kids, adults, athletes and sports fans, moms, dads, chefs, sommeliers, event organizers. It is also for them that Acqua Dolomia’s new social media have “dressed up” with TOV, colors and graphic style of the new concept.

Content Production


Not just social and not just stock images. When we talk about content we also refer to curated and refined graphics that are developed around the new brand identity, to bring all the purity and simplicity of Acqua Dolomia to established and future customers.



In the project to manage and increase corporate reputation, the testimonial plays a key role.

To seal the relationship between Acqua Dolomia and sport, sustainability and lifestyle, the role of brand ambassador went to Federica Brignone, the most successful Italian ever in the World Cup and among the most influential women of 2023 according to Forbes, she is a credible and recognizable female icon, highly appreciated on the snow and beyond.

(Photo credits: Lorenzo Belfrond)

Press Office


Adding to Acqua Dolomia’s strategic repositioning and reputation path is the press office activity, which through journalists and media, both trade and generalist, acts as a driver of value relationships between the brand and the end consumer.