Supporting the communication of an international century-old company

A woman with closed eyes tilts her head slightly upward, appearing relaxed. She has long hair tied back and is wearing a zip-up jacket. The background is soft-focused and nature-themed. A translucent logo overlays the middle of the image.




Sustainability brochures, websites, Christmas videos, sustainability report, centennial celebrations



Sapio Industria and Sapio Life are two significant industrial entities that are part of the Sapio Group, engaged for a hundred years in the production and marketing of gases for industrial, healthcare, and homecare sectors.

A communication project developed online, offline, and for both internal and external projects, always characterized by a single overarching corporate mission.



For Sapio hundredth anniversary, a communication concept based on sustainability and the future, principles that have always been dear to Società Anonima Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno was developed.

From the centennial logo to the employee gift kit, from online to offline materials, from videos to panels and badges, Sapio 2022 transformed into a year-long event, filled with opportunities to celebrate the past, present, and above all, the future.



Starting from a digital and a positioning strategy, a communication concept is developed, tailored to the three Sapio Group websites: Gruppo Sapio, Sapio Industria, and Sapio Life.

The ‘S’ element within the Group logo becomes the leitmotif of the three platforms, a sort of magnifying glass to delve deeper into the corporate, industrial, and healthcare aspects of Società Anonima Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno.

Used technologies

A webpage mockup displayed on a computer screen. The header has the text
A website homepage for a healthcare service provider features images of medical professionals and patients. Sections include home care, hospital services, integrated systems, sustainability, and news updates. The design uses green, blue, and white color schemes.

Sustainability brochures


The history of the Società Anonima Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno has always been inspired by sustainability principles. To further materialize this important story, a brochure has been created with interviews with some leading figures in the Sapio world. They become testimonials to an authentically sustainable story, both for the environment and for humanity.

A magazine titled
An open booklet displaying the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with colorful icons and numbers for each goal. The right page has the title

Social balance sheet


More than for other large companies, the Social Balance Sheet is a crucial tool for Sapio and very useful for communicating the Group values and commitment to the 2030 Agenda.

Inspired by Fridays for Future posters, the balance sheet serves as a declaration of commitment and it is characterized by a contemporary and impactful graphic style, suitable for social media.

Christmas video


To celebrate Christmas and the successes of an entire year of work, a social-style video was created, dedicated to all Group employees. A lively and rhythmic mix of images taken from video calls, institutional events, typical workdays, and familiar faces, all to wish each employee a ‘Happy Holidays’.

Three smartphones display different Instagram stories with themes of holiday greetings, innovation, and brand identity. A red YouTube play button is on the left side of the image. Background includes various photos, messages, and festive emojis. Text in multiple languages.