Bringing to life a human-oriented brand image

An abstract illustration of a person with flowing white hair, wearing glasses and holding an open book emitting beams of light and scattered letters. The background is a mix of dark blue and black. The image symbolizes knowledge, inspiration, and creativity.


Human Resources


Quarterly magazine, digital platform, web analysis



Human resources at the heart of Manpower, with a series of brand reputation projects.

Quarterly magazine


The intersection of technical data and human-oriented relationships gave rise to infographics that could express the company great commitment to human capital, using an iconic, colorful, and engaging language that, for each concept, was characterized by different resemblances and forms.

The quarterly magazine is a tool that offers points of reference and reflection to the reader. But above all, through the infographics, it becomes a useful means to educate and inform in a way that provides readers with new levels of understanding.

An issue of

Digital Platform


As a pioneer in social recruiting, the employment agency used social platforms as a preferred means of communication with and for candidates, who in the case of EXPO became the protagonists of a storytelling about the selection process.

Furthermore, again related to EXPO, a web reputation analysis was launched by identifying all the mentions online, with related sentiment.

Web Analysis


The need to take a periodic snapshot of one’s online presence, identifying all mentions online, with their sentiment, gave rise to an online brand analysis project. 

A path of information and conversations, with the Emporio ADV team as HR Premium Partner at Expo Milano, which captured international attention.

Social networks were the main listening and reputation management ground for ManpowerGroup Italia, on which other offline and online activities were integrated under the spotlight of the World Expo.

A smartphone screen displays a social media feed. The top post is from
A smartphone screen displays a calendar of corporate events in an app. Events listed include soccer games, office events, and a safety training course. Options to

Brand Reputation


With Expo Milano as an international showcase, ManpowerGroup Italia brand reputation was ‘played’ online, with the contamination of offline studies. Thanks to a digital platform capable of identifying all quotes online, with their sentiment.