Building an identifiable and recognizable image to communicate the solidity and quality of logistics services

A dimly lit railway yard featuring multiple tracks diverging and converging. The tracks are highlighted in yellow and purple, creating a geometric pattern. The background is hazy with silhouetted trees and industrial structures barely visible.


Logistics and Transportation


Strategic consultancy, brand identity, company profile, commercial brochures, fleet customization, press office, website

Strategic consultancy


The activity started from the analysis of competitors, customers, and brand prospects, which provided a broad view of the external reality.

Special attention was given to the company, with the study of management, ownership, and employees. The results allowed for targeted and personalized consultancy, with clear operational indications.

Brand Identity


With a restyling of the logo and the historical brand identity, we contributed to building the image of a fresh, young, and future-oriented company.

The project played an important role in redefining the colors, particularly relevant in the logistics sector.

Three versions of the TUVIA logo with the tagline
A flat lay of office supplies branded with the

Commercial BTL


The main below-the-line tools were created in line with the new brand identity: a new company profile and commercial brochures.

Uniforms and fleet customization


A logistics company carries its authority with it for every kilometer traveled and every contact: the new brand identity also emerges in vehicles and uniforms, personalized with a youthful and dynamic image.

Press Office


A press office activity with sector publications and CEO reputation reached the goal of increasing Tuvia brand awareness, starring in a renewed image.



The website uses a variation of the new coordinated image, conveying the visual identity and facilitating navigation with a light visual mood.

A laptop displaying a website for
A smartphone displaying the homepage of a logistics company website named