Born to empower

Born to be

In over 20 years of history, we have been both visionaries and realists, daring and conforming, growing our mission, expanding our skills and our team, without fear of making mistakes or being noticed.

We have joined forces to build a DNA that is uniquely ours, and ours alone.
Constantly evolving, just like us.

Limited Edition

We’ve done the Trick!

A wise man once said, ‘Life is what happens between grinding and taking it as a game’. That wise man was us!

After more than twenty years, the former Creative Director Marco Finoia latest great creative challenge is a project designed to make the breaks of future ex-colleagues even more fun. And above all, aesthetically pleasing.

Will he come back to play with us?

The first creative challenge for students

Organized by the team of
Emporio ADV

Non un sabato qualunque, né una gara come tante.

Una sfida che abbiamo chiamato HAckatoo e che ha coinvolto cinque squadre di studenti del Master in Digital Marketing dell’Università di Udine in un brainstorming lungo un giorno.

L’obiettivo? Realizzare un vero progetto di comunicazione per Karpos, main sponsor dell’evento, con il supporto del team d’agenzia.

And you
do you speak Marketing ?

Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   •  Vi mostriamo la lingua  •   • 

Dedicated to those who don’t know that the account has nothing to do with the provider, but he/she is a tireless teaser of creatives, there is the marketing and communication glossary ‘We show you the language’.

A collection of over 700 terms to accompany collaborators, clients, and advertising enthusiasts in the ‘behind the scenes’ of advertising. This is the promise of Emporio ADV!

The image shows a red book standing upright against a solid red background. The book cover features a stylized cartoon tongue sticking out and the title

Kitchen duels
Goodbye photoshop and wordpress, welcome Chef’s hat !

Christmas Party, Ristorante Orsone. A unique opportunity for the entire agency to leave their desks and put themselves in front of the stoves, cooking a creative and festive menu for clients, delightfully challenging.

Four teams, 60 guests to serve, for a team building of ‘full marks’…

Wall of fame
20 years in a second…
or a little more

A heart shape made from a bicycle chain appears at the center of an advertisement. Above the heart is the brand logo
An advertisement featuring a marble bust of a Roman statue on a white column in the center. The background is a rustic wall with text in Italian. Below the bust is product imagery of a white DeLonghi radiator heater with a logo.
Poster with the title
An Italian ad featuring a red hard hat hanging on a nail above text in Italian. The text, in black and red, mentions the heritage and commitment of Eraclit in providing safety and wellness since 1925. Logos and contact details are at the bottom.
An ad features a precision caliper measuring a grape. The text,
Italian text with a trout egg on the left and the tail of a trout on the right, against a white background. Below, there's a paragraph of text. At the bottom, the Friultrota logo and contact details are displayed.
A small child stands facing and reaching up to a tall wooden fence with a small gap, through which greenery is visible on the other side. Italian text about Genia Ambiente is below the image, along with the Genia Ambiente logo and contact details.
A poster shows a briefcase with an image of a partly cloudy sky plastered on its surface. The text above reads
A man in business attire plays mini golf inside an airport lounge near a large window with a view of planes outside. The ad headline at the top right reads
An advertisement featuring a wristwatch with a salami slice as the watch face. Text in Italian includes the slogan
The image is a split poster. The left side has a blue background with an equals sign and text

Christmas must be taken head-on
Always playing, never giving up.

It was supposed to be like any other last day before the holidays but that wasn’t the case…

An alternative end of the year celebrated ‘in and on the field’, with personalized t-shirts, Mila and Shiro incognito, unabashed slippers, successful and other terrible jokes, stadium cheering, distractions, team play from kickoff to the well-deserved after-match party.

For people with balls. Not just at Christmas.

Out of the blue
Dress code: black tie, or rather not.

Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   •  Di punto in bianco  •   • 

With its five editions, Out of the Blue was one of the most beloved events in Udine and one that helped increase Emporio ADV fame well beyond the Emporio ADV locations.

Halfway between a gala dinner and an outdoor picnic, a unique opportunity to mix it up and unleash creativity… All dressed in white!

Meeting opportunity or great ball?

Sport is an alternative way to bring the metaphor of teamwork into play and put into action new dynamics, true or improvised strategies, bet on one and others’ skills, aim for strokes of luck… Matching outside of Tinder.


With great powers come great celebrations.

Working at high levels and being able to create meeting and sharing opportunities for the entire team and often to involve clients, is a characteristic of Emporio ADV.

Because having lunch breaks together is nice. But partying is better!

The enterprise… What an enterprise!

Expertise, awareness, attitudes, insights, but also creative sparks and aggregation skills.

All this and more became material for Confiera, the first fair entirely dedicated to exchange and comparison between business representatives, public and private entities, institutions, training centers.

A fair? An event?

For us, just a new venture that we helped create.

It’s not nice what’s nice, it’s nice what’s a gadget.

Maybe you don’t need it, but you like it, you want it. It’s that unexpected and salvific object that satisfies the compulsive buying urge without going through the credit card.

At Emporio ADV, we have made many of them: branded notepads and pens, very branded perpetual pencils, pins, backpacks, Emporio ADV branded t-shirts.

Because in everything, we like to give all of ourselves. And even more.

Bigger go big!

Born in Udine, grown through people, projects, and locations, from January 2022 the first Emporio ADV headquarters is a new pillar of life in the city center.

A unique urban redevelopment project, carried out in-house in the record time of five months.

A participatory idea in the true sense of the word, actively involving professionals from every sector, making Emporio ADV more multitasking and open-minded than ever, working on brand identity as well as interior design, without limits or boundaries.

Once upon a time…
Action, let’s roll!

There are better workplaces than others. Like those where you can sit on TecnoGym wellness balls.

Of course, inflating them and making them wear the dress is not an undertaking for everyone, but in perfect Emporio ADV style, it became a challenge to document and an opportunity to wish each other a Merry Christmas.

And it’s immediately the Lumiere brothers.

Mr. President
Happy birthday to you…

Brief: the boss’ birthday.

Proposal: wear wigs, put on lipstick, and sing happy birthday!

Started as a game, it became a way to be together and have fun among desks, computers, excel files… This is how the founder of Emporio ADV birthday was celebrated: from that moment on, he will be called Mr. President by everyone.

Monopoli Victory Park is not a square it’s all of us!

Between surprises and probabilities, the risk of being an agency becomes a branded Monopoly.

A project to play with, in the name of advertising.

And you, do you know what your next move will be?

Behind the scenes… What a job!

Many people, many projects, too many memories

Some of which are supported by absolutely unofficial documents like photos, videos, photomontages. In a battle to the last meme that made our artists even better.


Before Google Calendar…

Before apps and digital planners, there was the Emporio ADV agenda.

Produced in collaboration with Moleskine, for ten years it has been the favourite gift for clients, friends, and suppliers, a year-long ‘thought’ to remember meetings and appointments, especially with our team.

Did you know that…
A who other agency.

Emporio ADV was the first agency in Friuli Venezia Giulia to draw inspiration from the most important advertising realities in the world, the first to offer its employees a game room, sharing and relaxation spaces, alternative team building activities.

Today, more than ever, Emporio ADV is a reason for many creatives, commercial and communication professionals to work at high levels in a competitive, familiar, and stimulating environment, caressed by the nature and vitality of the easternmost region in Italy.

People of Emporio ADV.

At the end of the 90s, when Emporio ADV was born, many members of the current team were in primary school, some in middle school, others simply weren’t there.

But today, those who is there and who isn’t there? Maybe he/she will come!

‘At the beginning, there were four of us, in a small office in Via Cadore. Three headquarters and twenty years later, we are more than thirty’.

‘Emporio ADV was a startup before the name startup was actually used’.

‘I work part-time and for the first time, I actually regret not sharing more time, even just the lunch break, with the rest of the team.”

“I was fascinated by the world of design and communication but completely uncertain about my future. On my father’s suggestion, to clear my mind, I met Enrico Accettola, a well-known entrepreneur and founder of Emporio ADV. He said to me: ‘study, train, and then come back here. Ten years later, after a master degree and a lot of experience, I am here’.

Master Ideas put into practice.

The communication profession is a constantly evolving world that, with our work, we have helped to increase in value.

For this reason, as industry professionals, it is important to continue to set an example.

We did this in partnership with the University of Udine, by organizing a post-diploma course aimed at organizing and managing integrated communication projects and contributing to the training of students, professionals, and recent graduates… And why not, future colleagues.


Over twenty years
on paper…

Like any respectable family, we love to take pictures of our history.

Creating albums to flip through, with those projects that intrigued us, excited us, involved us the most, along with clients with whom we shared professional journeys and truly significant moments.

Our books are like this… a testimony to always remember what we are today and what we have been over time: designers, account executives, creatives, and strategists… Or simply a group of people who have come together and join forces every day.

Like a family, called Emporio ADV.