A team of professionals

The Emporio ADV team is composed of experienced professionals with skills honed in multinational corporations and international agencies.

We place the client at the center, driven by teamwork cohesion, always ready to improve and tackle new challenges with passion and love for what we do.

“Think small, dream big.”

Enrico Accettola


“Ehi, Elisa!”

Elisa Feruglio

Assistant to Enrico Accettola

“Go big or go home.”

Enrico De Giorgio

Client Director

“I have more progress than feeling”

Sara Pittino

Senior Account Manager

“Above and beyond!”

Valentina Cicigoi

New business & PR

“I’m still here, oh yeah!”

Ralph Bathish

Senior Account Manager

“Ready, set… Go!”

Chiara Aronica

Operation & Client Supervisor

“Aurea mediocritas state of mind.”

Alessandro Miniussi

Senior Account Manager

“I build strategies, I architect ideas.”

Beatrice Finocchiaro

Senior Account Manager

“I feel good.”

Laura Ligi

Sales Manager

“Let it go!”

Viviana Rivera

Sales Manager

“Always under construction.”

Ester Lazzaro

Client Project Manager

“You get what you give.”

Riccardo Casarotto

Creative Director

“The others are us.”

Marco Finoia

Creative Director

“Yes, no, and WOW!”

Andrea Beltramini

Creative Strategist


Alessandra Trost

Senior Copywriter

“Endless things to do, and so little time!”

Alberto Riva

Senior Graphic Designer – Neauvia’s Head of Design

“Think small smart.”

Gabriele Pastorutti

Senior Graphic Designer

“I’m already hungry.”

Eva D’Odorico

Web Designer

“Let’s post a reel!”

Elisa Biancolino

Social Media Manager

“I smoke to avoid crying.”

Marco de Paciani

Senior Developer

“That’s what she said.”

Daniele di Benedetto

Senior Developer

“I’m a Virgo and I’m proud of it!”

Valentina Quendolo

Chief administrative officer

“Count on me!”

Debora Terlicher