A new website, a new image for the world of steel.

Four workers in orange protective clothing and helmets stand in an industrial setting, likely a factory or foundry. One worker has arms crossed, and they all appear to be looking at the camera. The environment is dimly lit, with machinery visible in the background.


Steel Mills


Creative concept, website, photo shooting, video shooting


ABS – Acciaierie Bertoli SAFAU is a steel manufacturing of international importance. An industry with a great history, always linked to its territory and in need of creating a new corporate website, in line with ABS international dimension. An important project designed to enhance the company, offering users a new perspective on the world of steelworks.

Used technologies

A circular logo of a parrot's head in profile, incorporating red, green, black, and white colors, is on the left. To the right, the text

Creative Concept


The study of the creative concept is the very first step and a fundamental tool, functional to the creation of a coherent and identifying website of the brand.

The search for different graphic and stylistic solutions led the client to choose a minimal and clean web design, combined with impactful photographic images and videos and an inclusive tone of voice.



A mobile-first, responsive, and geolocated platform, translated into 5 languages, to communicate to a global market.

An immersive user experience, made even more engaging by more than 800 photographic images and 10 videos, supplemented by 2 interactive experiences dedicated to two themes particularly dear to ABS: people and sustainability.

A laptop with a website open on the screen displaying the
A widescreen monitor displays a website titled
Screenshot of a webpage in Italian with various sections about sustainability. Includes images of a worker in a factory, an industrial plant, and a person using a laptop. Headings mention sustainability, ethical codes, safety, waste production, and emission plans.

Photo shooting


The website is characterized by full-screen, slightly desaturated images, resulting from shots taken during a photo shoot carried our both inside and outside ABS. The color change highlights the steel processing and makes it uniform, thus making all pages consistent with each other.

Video shooting


The website is made even more emotional by videos and aerial shots taken with drones, which take the user into a real immersion in the ABS world. Among the videos, the two interactive experiences stand out for their style and functionality, created to offer an even more comprehensive view of the company mission.