Shaping a premium container for contemporary travelers

A sandwich on a long baguette roll with sliced ham, fresh mozzarella cheese, and green bell pepper slices, set against a black background.


Food & Beverage


Logo, payoff, corporate storytelling, company profile, corporate flyer, product flyer, below-the-line tools



With over 200 points of sales in 10 countries, Airest strengths lie in the fusion of quality, food,
and elegance with the unmistakable Made in Italy flavor and style. A container of values supported by an equally premium communication project.

Strategic consultancy


The complete, transversal and synergistic project for all Ariest sub-brands took the form of a consultancy process which involved an accurate analysis of the points of sale, competitors and target needs, with the study of each format peculiarities.

Airest logo with the text



To accompany the new Airest logo, with the aim of giving value to the brand, it was chosen a simple and explanatory payoff featuring entirely Made in Italy quality and food & retail services.

Corporate Storytelling


A further step in the realization of a complete, institutional, and welcoming brand identity towards the sub-brands was the creation of a corporate storytelling, a manifesto for the company mission, values and objectives.

A grid featuring six logos. Top row:
An indoor shopping mall features a large digital sign displaying advertisements for various food items from
A banner stand for

Corporate tools


A corporate flyer, in the simple and elegant Airest style, tell possible stakeholders and investors abroad about the Group strengths, with data and numbers of interest, points of sale and presence in Italy.

Two dark grey, folded brochures are displayed against a light grey background. The brochures feature the title
A trifold brochure featuring a world map with red lines indicating connections, various lists of text, a bar graph showing sales growth, and pie charts detailing market shares and commercial margins. The design is clean with a mix of grey and red colors.

Single flyers format


Form the Italian menu to quick sandwiches, from coffee to wine. With six sub-brands, each created to meet the different needs of travelers, dedicate communication tools have been developed, capable of conveying the peculiarity of each brand.

Special projects


Among all the Airest brands, the Ristop brand gave rise to the launch project for two new products.

V.I.P. and MAGNO – thanks to their respective naming, logo, and storytelling, with related packaging, communication materials such as roll-ups and price tags and naturally characterizing and value-based advertising campaigns – have managed in a very short time to raise the perception of the parent brand, becoming new ‘icons’ for travelers’ lunches, dinners, and snacks.