Managing a co-marketing operation between Promoturismo FVG and Alitalia.

A hummingbird hovers mid-air against a gradient background transitioning from light green to warm brown. Its wings are blurred in motion, body detailed, with a long, slender beak pointing slightly upwards. The background is soft and out of focus.


Airline Company


Graphic concept ideation, livery design, backstage video, press office & PR



With over 46 weekly flights to national destinations departing from Trieste Airport and over 40,000 seats per month, the goal of Promoturismo FVG and Alitalia was to provide a compelling and impactful image for Friuli Venezia Giulia, taking it around the world.

From creating the graphic concept to studying the livery design, an operation that led Friuli Venezia Giulia to become the first region in Italy to showcase its image on an Alitalia airplane.



The choice was to represent the hummingbird, a fascinating and lively bird, small and unique, as a symbol of Friuli Venezia Giulia flying over Italy.

An image showing two side-by-side pictures of a hummingbird. The left image is a photograph with a vibrant background, depicting a hovering hummingbird with highlighted wings. The right image is a solid red silhouette of the same hummingbird in flight.
A black silhouette of a flying hummingbird is on the left. To the right, there is an outline with a partial filled silhouette of a hummingbird, showing only the head and part of the upper body, while the rest remains a simple line drawing.

Livery design


From idea to abstraction. The hummingbird head, with its elongated and thin beak, lends itself well to the shape of an airplane. Thus, the natural proportions of the animal served to dress the aircraft, following its curves, further small hummingbirds were positioned as decoration, all around.

Alternative proposals


Initially, we tried to concentrate the beauty of Friuli Venezia Giulia in one image: however, it was difficult to choose only one place and, above all, to create a scale of importance impossible to find.

A person holds a poster depicting five airplane illustrations with different themes: animals and nature, cultural landmarks, a trip around the world, a safari adventure, and a collection of historical figures. The airplane tails feature green, white, and red colors.

Backstage video


To best describe this important project in the region, a backstage video was created to represent the most important phases of the project, from the conception with the development of creativity to the actual customization of the aircraft.

Press Office & PR


The Press Office and PR played a key role within the project. They have been necessary tools to effectively communicate throughout the national territory, the co-marketing operation between Promoturismo FVG and Alitalia.

A dual-screen computer setup shows a news broadcast. The left screen features a press conference with four people at a table, a projected presentation, and an arrow pointing to a panelist. The right screen displays a news channel showing an aircraft parked on a runway.