Alp Trauma Clinic

Redesigning the brand identity of a medical excellence format

Close-up of a person's foot in a black running shoe, with a highlighted diagram of the bones visible through the shoe, illustrating the complex structure of the foot. The image emphasizes foot movement and anatomy.




Rebranding logo, corporate image, website, Facebook page, Google My Business, interior customization, design



The Alp Trauma Clinic outpatient centers are private medical clinics of excellence located in some of the most famous mountain and tourist sites in northern Italy.

A medical format that is aimed at a mixed and broad target of sports enthusiasts, residents, and tourists, with the need to differentiate itself through a common and transversal brand identity, which can be applied to all locations and with different types of tools, both offline and online.

Rebranding Logo


The history of Alp Trauma Clinic began with a single outpatient clinic in Dimaro Folgarida, and then expanded to the alpine and tourist areas of Passo del Tonale, Madonna di Campiglio, Marilleva, and Riva del Garda.

Refreshing the original logo while keeping some main characteristics unchanged became the goal of the rebranding.

The image of the mountains remained as the focus of the brand even if it was made more contemporary in shape thought its integration with the iconic silhouette of the medical cross. The colors, also simplified compared to the original logo, went from four to two, to facilitate their application and readability.

Three versions of the ALP Trauma Clinic logo are displayed. The top version shows a circular logo with mountain peaks and
The image shows the logo for

Corporate image


The Alp Trauma Clinic centers share the common characteristic of being in mountain locations particularly appreciated by professional and amateur athletes, residents, and tourists.

To meet the needs of both doctors and their patients, the corporate image project included the creation of both ‘physical’ and digital tools, in line with the logo colors but contrasting in shapes, so to represent the uniqueness of the Alp Trauma Clinic brand.

A branded office stationery set displayed on a light gray surface, featuring a blue and white color scheme with red accents. Items include a letterhead, notebook, folder, business card, envelope, pencil, notepad, clip, and a round coaster with a logo.

Technologies used



The website design was essential: an institutional platform, simple and user-friendly, with SEO-optimized content to increase visibility on search engines and improve the digital experience for users.

A tool aimed at strengthening the Alp Trauma Clinic brand in its uniqueness and giving importance to individual locations and their services, targeting not only patients but also doctors and specialists.

An image showing a computer monitor displaying the homepage of the
An iMac displays a website with a blue background. It features an outline of a cyclist in white and red on the left side. The right side lists services in Italian, including medical and emergency transport. Contact information is in the top-left corner.
A webpage for physiotherapy services provided by ALP Trauma Clinic. The page includes sections on therapeutic indications, useful information, and the clinics where the service is available. It features images and icons representing medical and therapy-related themes.

Facebook page


On one hand, the formality of the website, on the other, the sharing on social media. The choice fell on Facebook as a single and already active and highly appreciated channel by users.

As a preferred digital reference point for patients, especially in terms of reviews, the Alp Trauma Clinic Facebook page is a sharing space open to all, containing information about all clinics, and enriched by a PED that enhances the brand identity.

A computer monitor displaying the Facebook page of
Image of a smartphone displaying a Facebook post from Alp Trauma Clinic. Around the smartphone are highlighted promotional banners showcasing specialized orthopedic services at the Riva del Garda location, private ambulance service, and a new collaboration with Dr. R.Testoni.

Google My Business


Another piece of the digital strategy is the activation of Google My Business. This is an ideal tool to strengthen the visibility of Alp Trauma Clinic locations and optimize their position on search engines, based on relevance criteria such as geographic proximity, number of reviews, related links, and mentions on social networks.

Interior customization


The corporate image of Alp Trauma Clinic also included the customization of the interiors of the Riva del Garda location.

The project involved the creation and placement of window stickers, setups, plaques, internal signage, and signs, with the aim of offering a complete experience to users within the clinic, also enhancing the daily work of the staff.