Banca Finint

Implementing brand awareness and consideration

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Special projects, events, campaigns



As one of the most dynamically innovative and independent Italian entities in the financial sector, Banca Finint has sought comprehensive communication support to enhance its strengths through special projects, international events, and press campaigns.

Press campaigns


Mini-bonds, wealth management, products and services, awards. All these themes have been transformed into institutional press campaigns with significant communicative power.

Banca Finint preferred language, both visual and textual, is characterized by a metaphorical, simple, and iconic style, as well as ironic, capable of expressing concepts such as strength, closeness, smart attitude, and profound customer care, in the creation of growth paths and personalized solutions.



As part of an international event for the financial sector, Banca Finint presented itself to the public with a communication concept created for the occasion.

The project materialized in various specially crafted materials including brochures, setups designed to welcome collaborators, clients, stakeholders, and prospects, a dedicated magazine featuring information, trivia, and financial topics treated in a ‘light’ way, as well as valuable gadgets as mementos of the event itself.

Special Project


Always committed to providing personalized all-in-one service to its clients, Banca Finint embarked on a special engagement project, involving its clients, and ‘transforming’ them into genuine testimonials.

From creating the concept to producing brochures, and from content production including photo shoots and videos to conducting client interviews, these were the tools that contributed to strengthening the relationship of Finint Revalue with its valued clients.