Banca IFIS

Coordinating the development of an innovative and constantly growing banking brand

The image shows a stylized blue butterfly with partially visible brown-edged wings. The butterfly wings flank a central, intricate, abstract design composed of brown and beige lines, resembling a twisting, woven structure. The background is plain white.




Logo restyling, brand manual and coordinated image, communication concept: website, adv web campaigns; adv campaigns for BU, Max account, IFIS magazine, website concept, innovation craft society, nice2meetu, npl meeting, pmi tour


To become known, expand its market, do branding, and increase the importance of institutional communication: these are the objectives of Banca IFIS, together with improving the relationship with collaborators and clients.

Brand manual and coordinated image


One of the most important tools for a bank with ten different Business Units is the Brand Manual, through which it is possible to coordinate its image, facilitating the day-to-day operations of branches and agent networks while consolidating corporate identity.

Two versions of the Banca IFIS logo are shown. The top version has grid lines and a centered circle for alignment purposes, while the bottom version is a finalized design. The text reads
Image showing a logo transition for Banca IFIS. The upper logo features a red flower-like symbol to the left of the text

Communication concept


The idea for the new concept of Banca Ifis came from the mixing of two forms: a square – a symbol of solidity, and a line – an icon of flexibility par excellence.

This is the common thread that led to the creation of a precise communicative style, conveyed through various communication tools.



Inspired by the communicative style of the concept, Banca Ifis new website is a tool that, by favoring the colors of red and white and combining solid and concrete forms with the fluidity of refined and modular elements, can interface with multiple audiences of interest.

Screenshot of a Banca IFIS website page featuring a person in a suit sitting on a mountain peak, statistics, and service options. It emphasizes
A professional website for Banca IFIS features sections including home, investments, and services. The homepage displays a person gazing over a mountain landscape with highlighted texts

ADV website campaigns


Institutional communication campaigns have taken a further step towards the relevant target, always inspired by the creative concept, capable of conveying solidity, proximity, and concreteness.

A computer monitor displays a webpage with the header

ADV campaigns for bu


Each business unit, like each product of Banca Ifis, required the creation of an ad hoc campaign. The project was divided into single and multi-subject advertising and conveyed in major national newspapers.

Launch of a new current account


For the creation of a new account, Banca Ifis requested support for the creation of the logo, an ad hoc event known as Street Network and a contest that put several artists ‘in competition’, ensuring that one of them would sign the new card. A special project, able to connect the banking world with the artistic one.

The image displays the logo for

IFIS Magazine


Now in its fourth edition, Banca IFIS Magazine is a fresh and innovative tool to show the various initiatives of the credit institution. Banca IFIS has various activities, such as evolution in human resources, networking, new products, and initiatives in the area.

Innovation Craft Society


Innovation and Craft Society is one of Banca IFIS initiatives aimed at the digital growth of companies. A quality container where entrepreneurs, researchers, and experts can discuss the issues dominating the assets of the Italian entrepreneurial world.

The project defined the Association image, with the creation of the logo and website, and the coordination of workshop and event communications.



During a merger, it is important to communicate within the company. That it is why, for the 2017 merger with Interbanca, we realized Nice2MeetU.

This project was meant to assist and support smooth integration within the Banking Institute, and it was developed from the study of the creative concept, thus to create the ‘welcome kit’ and the coordinated materials.

A brown cardboard box with a red handle on top. The front has a red panel with white text reading
A cardboard display box featuring branded items from Banca IFIS, including a mug and a card holder, both labeled
Two white mugs are displayed against a light gray background, each featuring the text

NPL meeting


The leading conference in Italy in the financial sector, in impaired loans segment, is an invitation-only event that attracts funds, banks, servicers, and advisors every year, with ever-increasing numbers. In 2018 they reached 800 participants from all over the world. Emporio ADV has covered many consecutive editions.

PMI Tour


A tour to present SMEs within the Italian economic landscape, with dedicated interviews, photographs, videos, and social media campaigns. Banca Ifis did it with PMI Tour, which chose some clients as testimonials for an itinerant event throughout Italy.

The image features the logo of