Bernina 7

Developing a lead generation strategy for a new real estate project.

A modern, multi-story glass building with exposed balconies adorned with greenery. The facade features unique, protruding glass panels. Pedestrians and bicyclists move in the foreground, and the building is well-lit, suggesting early morning or late afternoon.


Real Estate


Landing page and website – contact form, direct email marketing, media planning.



A digital communication project to showcase Bernina 7, a new view on the Milan skyline of the future which, through architecture and territory, becomes a multifunctional reality capable of integrating people, leisure, and work.

Landing page and website – contact form


A strategic hub in the center of Milan, standing amidst offices and commerce, business, and leisure. Bernina 7 made its online debut with a landing page followed by a website. For both tools, the goal is to establish contact with potential tenants through a dedicated contact form.

A computer screen displays a real estate website for B7 with images of a modern office building, contact information, and an agent's details. The computer is set on a white desk with a plant, a cup, and other office supplies in the background.

Direct email marketing


A digital outpost, built in the footsteps of Bernina 7, is the direct email marketing campaign that explains its values, strengths, positioning, and numerical data. A location overlooking the Milan of 2030, to attract national and international tenants with an informal, modern, and heterogeneous reality.

An iPad and an iPhone displaying a digital brochure for Bernina 7, featuring architectural images and text in Italian. The iPad shows a larger view, while the iPhone displays a compact version. Both devices are on a white wooden surface.
Promotional flyer for Bernina 7, a workplace in Milan, highlighting its features like flexible workspace, green spaces, and modern amenities. Includes images of the building, landscaped areas, interior workspaces, and skyline views. Contact info for leasing included.

Media Planning


The media planning project for direct marketing was developed in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore, which provided its databases for accurate user profiling.

Screenshot of the home page of Il Sole 24 Ore website, featuring a top navigation bar, a highlighted advertisement for Buccellati, various news sections, and other ads including one for B7. There are images of suitcases and a building. The website design is in a muted color scheme.
A screenshot of the Italian news website Il Sole 24 Ore. It features a woman in a jewelry ad, multiple article previews, including topics on leisure, fashion, and travel, and various navigation and advertisement banners. The webpage is in Italian.