Biennale Arte di Venezia

Developing an effective ticket advertising project.

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Digital advertising, google ads, facebook ads



Among the most well-known and prestigious cultural institutions in the world, the Venice Art Biennale allowed itself to be guided in a strategic digital advertising project, which made it possible to promote the online sale of tickets for various festivals and the International Art Exhibition. Art.

Digital Advertising


Functional to intercept the target, an international planning of digital campaigns was structured, which made it possible to push the online sale of tickets, stimulating both conscious demand and latent demand, also including retargeting ads.

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Google Ads Campaigns


To stimulate informed demand from users interested in the Biennale’s proposals, the searches were launched through geotargeted Google Ads campaigns. Furthermore, through the selection of specific keywords, the identified target was led to a digital space dedicated to the purchase of tickets.

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Facebook Ads


To intercept latent demand, geotargeted Facebook Ads campaigns were activated, which reached an audience potentially interested in purchasing Biennale tickets online.

A smartphone displays an Instagram post advertising the Biennale Architettura 2021 event in Venice. The poster features vibrant abstract artwork and text detailing the event dates (May 22 - November 21, 2021) and locations (Giardini and Arsenale).