Telling one hundred years of history in a spectacular event

A red, stylized graphic poster commemorating




Concept and coordinated image, supervision and coordination, site-specific setups, theatrical performance, starred catering, gifts, printing and PR, organizational secretariat, content production



Founded in 1923, Calligaris – one of the symbolic companies of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in the world – became protagonist of an unparalleled celebratory event on the evening of November 20, 2023.

‘One hundred years of history in the name of the future’: this was the title of the event that welcomed almost a thousand people, including authorities, entertainment personalities, and company collaborators, into the prestigious location of the Teatro Giovanni da Udine, featuring setups, an original theatrical work, and an exceptional food experience.

Concept and coordinated image


Just as the first Calligaris chair, originated from indispensable raw materials such as straw and wood, thus essential and significant words, finely intertwined, became the event concept and title: One hundred years of history in the name of the future.

Title and coordinated image thus become cornerstones of the celebration communication, in a visual and conceptual evocation of the company journey that brings together multiple elements. Marocca (1923) and Adel (2023) became protagonists, since they represent a history that draws from the past, lives in the present, and moves towards the future.

A poster featuring text in Italian about a 100th anniversary celebration of Calligaris, taking place at Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine on October 20, 2023. The design includes abstract shapes, a red background, and an image of a modern building.

Supervision and coordination


Realizing the centenary celebration of a company such as Calligaris means becoming not only the point of reference for the client but for many expertise which are necessary for the ‘implementation’ of the event itself.

Planning the evening is a process of selection, organization, coordination, and management of work teams and suppliers, in a complex team game that involves different companies and their respective skills.

From performers to testimonials, from catering to technicians: deciding entertainment methods, building the evening schedule, directing content production, and defining entertainment themes were fundamental elements for the success of the event.

Site-specific setups


The Teatro Giovanni da Udine was the only possible location for Calligaris centenary: a symbol of the city that changes, of evolving time, of arts that have always represented man and, for the occasion, transformed.

Illuminated outside by light projections and video mapping in Calligaris iconic color, the theater became a stage for indoor and outdoor setups, with branded coverings and backdrops, a red carpet at the entrance to welcome guests, a museum exhibition with the company iconic chairs alongside symbols of Italian and international design. There was also an imposing installation created for the occasion by the artists of the Centro Friulano Arti Plastiche.

Theatrical performance


The prose, music, and dance show written and directed for the occasion by the renowned Friulian director Massimo Somaglino was the heart of the evening.

A debut, an original work in four acts, which saw over fifty artists perform on the theater stage, including actors, dancers, musicians, singers and creating an exciting story of one hundred years of Italian history, enriched by a highly impactful virtual scenography.

To crown it all, the extraordinary participation of one of the most beloved and recognizable voices in Italy: Luca Ward.

Starred catering


Opened with a delightful welcome aperitif in the foyer, the evening continued after the show with an exclusive non-placée dinner prepared by the chef patron of the starred restaurant Agli Amici, Emanuele Scarello. For the occasion, he created refined dishes that enhanced Friulian culinary tradition.

A large group of people in formal attire gather around a table with a large cake in a spacious room. Some individuals are clapping while others take photos. There is a prominent figure speaking in the center near the cake, and flowers are visible on the table.



For an event of this magnitude, gifts could not be missing to honor all guests. And to create an object worthy of this great milestone, Maestro Giorgio Celiberti, a renowned exponent of Friulian sculpture and painting worldwide, was involved.

For the occasion, he created a celebratory stele and a limited and numbered series of prints.

As a final tribute to all participants, a detailed photographic service and the creation of a celebratory video: the ‘last’ piece of a great communication project designed to remain in people’s memory, today and for the next hundred years.

A red gift bag with
A photo featuring a 100th anniversary card and book with an artistic cover design. To the left, there's a red folder with

Printing and PR


Alongside authorities and figures from the Italian political scene, a large group of journalists, both regional and national, populated the region TV channels and newspapers with official interviews.

Three men in suits stand in front of a white and red backdrop with the Calligaris logo and

Content production


An event like the one in Calligaris doesn’t happen every day. To make this evening even more memorable, in addition to the natural presence of journalists, local broadcasters and entertainment personalities, a team of videomakers and photographers was involved to immortalize every moment of One Hundred Years of History in the Sign of the Future, including moments of meeting , of celebration and sharing.

To seal it all, as a final tribute dedicated to all the participants, the creation of a celebratory video. “Last” piece of a great communication project designed to remain in people’s memories, today and for a hundred years to come.