A total rebranding project in a technical segment

A row of four orange and black forklifts is parked outside a large, modern building with a sign reading




Logo and payoff restyling, brand identity, magazine, space customization, shooting, website, digital marketing



A logistics and goods handling partner, Carrservice is among the leading companies in forklift production. It required a strong and coordinated brand image to ensure and confirm recognition within its reference market.

Logo and payoff restyling


Historically reliable products, combined with a wide range of services and the ability to provide comprehensive consultancy. The restyling of Carrservice logo and payoff has elevated the brand, making it distinctive and unique in the market.

Three iterations of a company logo for

Brand Identity


The logo colors, historic for the company, as well as the direct and simple TOV, become a precise communication tool which, through the brand identity, speaks to the ‘high-quality’ of a highly structured Group, grounded in experience and always looking towards innovation.



Experience and innovation are the pillars that have led Carrservice to establish itself as a reference point for products and services in the logistics and warehouse management sector. These topics of interest are deepened in the Group magazine, accessible and browsable for customers and stakeholders.

The image shows a magazine named

Space customization


Dressing the company fleet and internal spaces, creating and positioning customized signage, and a large project to custumize the external spaces, including the creation of external signs. This is how Carrservice communicates directly from its headquarters.



Shooting is fundamental for the creation of numerous comprehensive digital and paper communication tools.

A content production project that is carried out with the people working in the company, who become the faces of the company itself.



Digital strategy and SEO optimization are two mail elements in the website. For Carrservice, two platforms were designed and programmed: one corporate and one for the Group academy.

A silver laptop is displaying an image of a group of people in neon yellow safety vests standing next to a small vehicle or cart. The scene appears to be part of a website, likely related to safety or construction. The laptop is set against a plain white background.
A website homepage for Car Service, featuring red and black branding. The top section showcases forklifts with

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is among the functional digital projects aimed at strengthening the company digital presence. Newsletters, periodically sent to predefined users, serve to communicate services, promotions, benefits, sector information and news directly to the target audience.

A smartphone displays an Italian website for a technical inspection company. The page includes images of safety checks on industrial shelving and text sections discussing safety measures and protection from damage. The phone is placed vertically against a plain white background.
A smartphone displays a promotional advertisement for a Transpallet, showcasing the TOYOTA BT LWE 160 model. The ad highlights advantages, with images of people using the pallet truck in a warehouse setting. The brand name 'Carrservice' is seen at the top.