Designing a storage solution, evolving it into interior design

A modern kitchen with a large window overlooking a city skyline. The kitchen has white cabinets, a built-in oven, black pendant lights, and a wooden dining table with two gray chairs. Wine bottles are stored in a unique wall unit decorated with children's drawings.




Naming, logo, design, prototyping and execution, production, international patent, newsletter, instructions and brochures, content production, website, social media



Cavò stems from the idea of ​​giving a second life to traditional wooden wine bottle crates, used solely for safely transporting wine. In this project we transformed them into modular modules to be combined with others, thus creating a space for storing and displaying wine.



A recycled and recyclable project that plays on fullness and emptiness, between cellar and vault, but above all whose name revolves around the concept of ‘cavò’ – which means hole – where bottles of different shapes and sizes can be contained and displayed, creating new visual patterns.



Just like the project, the logo features characteristics of modularity, alternating between empty and solid spaces, giving rise to a new form.

Three logos for



Between functional recycling and more refined and innovative design. With flexible elements that interlock and connect, Cavò is a design thinking project that integrates the world of wine with that of furnishings and sustainability.

A line drawing of a partially assembled wooden box with various components. The box has removable dividers, slots, and side panels. A lid with a latch is shown partially open, revealing internal compartments. Some components are shown separately alongside the box.
A wooden puzzle box with several interlocking pieces is shown in mid-assembly. The pieces are made of wood and cardboard, featuring various cutouts and shapes. One of the box's panels is lifted to reveal the intricate interior design.
A black and white line drawing depicting a section of a wood joinery process, featuring a dovetail saw cutting through wood held in a vise, with a partially completed dovetail joint visible.

Prototyping and execution


A fundamental step preceding the launch of a new product like Cavò is the creation of realistic prototypes, used to conduct functionality tests, followed by the execution phase with the defined project ready to be presented to the public.



The production of Cavò, with all its components from the wood of the crates to the modular solutions, became the final step of the design phase and, at the same time, the first true step towards the market.

Honorable mention Compasso d’Oro – ADI


Alongside innovative functionalities and the new identity of the classic wine crates, the Cavò project went beyond the concept of storage to manifest in interior design. An idea that the international jury of the XXIII Compasso D’Oro – ADI, the oldest and most authoritative global design award, valued by awarding an Honorable Mention.

An award certificate with the text

International patent


To protect and guarantee the innovation, uniqueness, and design of Cavò, the invention patent request has been filed at an international level. Additionally, the authenticity of Cavò is ensured by the presence of the logo on each module.

Sketch of a rectangular wooden box with three circular cutouts on one side. A circular stamp overlays the top right corner with the words



Dedicated newsletters were created to communicate Cavò to the international public, telling all the peculiarities of this unique product in the world.

A digital tablet displays a flyer for Cavò, an Italian furniture design company. The flyer features images of modular wooden storage units and wine racks, a modern living space with Cavò furniture, and an invitation to visit their exhibits at two design fairs in Milan.

Instructions and brochures


One box, two functions, different solutions. Cavò is a creative and modular interior design project, a genuine furnishing accessory to be redesigned according to one’s needs, following the instructions or just one’s instinct.

Content Production


All photographic, video, and render materials that contributed to the correct presentation of the project, both in terms of awards and towards end users, are part of Cavò.



Functional for Cavò presentation on the market was the creation of an online platform that is accessible and intuitive, dedicated to a broad and green-oriented target of entrepreneurs, wine industry enthusiasts, and design lovers.

An Apple computer screen displays a website with the headline

Social media


Consistent with the website, with a coherent and catchy language, Cavò also landed on social media. Through an editorial plan designed to enhance the project in its entirety and engage the target audience.

A tablet displaying a Pinterest page for
Split-screen image featuring a smartphone on the left displaying a modern wine storage space with red and wooden accents. On the right, three images show modular wine racks: one in a bright room, one stacked with bottles, and one in an industrial setting.