Being a benefit corporation and being a company. A story called CDA

A collection of coffee cup rings and coffee stains on a white surface, each labeled with names and times:




Logo restyling, corporate communication plan, advertising, press campaigns, sustainability report, editorial project



Taking care of people during their break times is the business goal of CDA, which serves companies, societies, and public and private enterprises with its vending machines.

A regional leader in its sector, CDA plus is its constant commitment to make a truly positive impact on the territory, starting with its employees.

Among its projects, many advertising campaigns and tailored communication plans, but also restyling of the logo in line with the company mission.

Brand Image


40 years of activity, a genuine interest in sustainability, people, and the territory. A story that is also told through communication tools.

With the logo restyling as a kick-off, the brand image was developed equally with the creation of a specific payoff, the customization of employee uniforms, company fleets, CDA headquarters, and of course, the creation of the new company profile.

This image contains three different stylized logos of the text
Stylized text
A set of branded stationery on a gray background, including two white letterheads, an envelope, and a business card. Each item features a colorful logo with

Communication strategy


The driving expression of Corporate Social Responsibility is the core of CDA communication strategy. It is through the creation of a concept that CDA strengthens its positioning, while also emphasizing its commitment to the territory to both old and new clients.



In the numerous press campaigns created for CDA, hot and cold drinks, snacks, and sweets but above all coffee are protagonists, each time in a different way.

Projects designed to tell the company through its vending machines with various products, enhancing its services, and communicating the company Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sustainability Report


The Sustainability Report is a tool that, year after year, accounts for the company social responsibility, strengthening its image.

Dedicated to stakeholders, this non-financial document is of particular interest to employees and collaborators, but also to clients, suppliers, and the entire community.

An open book displays its front cover and two internal pages. The cover reads

Editorial project


CDA is a company deeply connected to its region. This unbreakable bond can also be noticed in the company editorial project.

‘La Čhicare’, which in the Friulian language indicates the coffee cup, is also the name of the magazine desired by CDA, which offers concrete, inspired, and naturally sustainable ideas to all entrepreneurs in the territory.