Supporting a banking institution in communication projects




Brand identity, capital increase, product campaigns: green account / leasing / barcolana / agenda post / superbonus



Since 1886, CiviBank has been the banking reference point for the northeast and eastern Veneto.

Ever closer to the needs of people, private individuals, professionals, businesses, non-profit associations, and employees, in recent years CiviBank has implemented an important transformation process for the economic and social well-being of its territory, becoming the first local bank Benefit Company in Italy.

Brand Identity


In line with the values that have characterized its work since 1886, CiviBank institutional tools feature a coherent and understandable visual and verbal language accessible to the broadest spectrum of users: established companies in the area, independent workers, families seeking economic stability, young people opening their first account, individuals in search of affordable mortgages, social cooperatives, SMEs.

This was the brief for the realization of all CiviBank institutional materials, designed to enhance the characteristics of the Institute from the social responsibility and economic reliability point of view and to become a tool benefiting the bank, its collaborators, and clients.

Image showing multiple versions of the CiviBank logo with a distinctive

Capital increase


A capital increase is an extraordinary event in a company life.

This was the case for CiviBank, whose steps in this direction also started the evolution of the bank into a Benefit Company.

A true transformation process, supported by an equally articulated communication campaign developed in different phases and on different media, aimed at gaining even greater trust from investors and clients.

A concept built around the bank values with exceptional protagonists including entrepreneurs, families, and sports teams: real people like the soul of CiviBank, who have become spokespeople for the Institute commitment on print campaigns, videos, and radio.

Three posters advertising Civibank hang side by side. The left poster features text in Italian about Civibank becoming a

Product campaigns


Like any other brand and company on the market, banks also need to communicate their products. Sometimes it’s about additional services, new apps, or the opening a new branch, while other times it involves more complex operations such as tax benefits and special programs for current accounts.

CiviBank product campaigns, inspired by the company brand identity, translate into ever-changing tools that communicate to different target audiences.

The exclusively digital Conto Green campaign, for instance, presents a communication drawn from the world of video games, with a series of videos to attract younger audiences eager to open a simple and sustainable, precisely ‘green’ account.

The case of new openings is different, since the campaign naturally vary from city to city to gain the consent of the people who live in those cities, using a language very close them.

Non-financial statement


The Non-Financial Statement is a document that large companies use to communicate their environmental and social impact.

For CiviBank, which has built its name on commitment to people, community, and territory, the NFR is a fundamental communication tool to transparently and comprehensively tell the story of projects made in favor of the surrounding world. The language, simple and constructive, speaks about the bank but, above all, about responsibility.

A book titled
An open booklet displaying pages from CiviBank titled

Wealth management


Values, reliability, solidity, made precious by a historical framework.

To present its wealth consultancy service in an exclusive and prominent way, CiviBank chose the path of strategy.

And who can do better than Julius Caesar, whose statue stands tall in the heart of CiviBank hometown? A concept designed to highlight the highly strategic and personalized character of its wealth management.

Social media


Social platforms represent an opportunity to generate meaningful connections with customers and members, attract desirable consumers, and communicate business initiatives to a wider audience.

With the goal of strengthening CiviBank digital positioning and of increasing its brand reputation, it was developed a multi-target editorial line, featuring in-depth and more emotional posts, sponsored or organic, all characterized by consistent and representative graphics.



Caring for your community and territory means bringing the same attention, care, and respect for its employees.

That’s why, on the occasion of some significant changes within its Institute, CiviBank chose to dedicate an important event to its employees.

A project that, starting from the name of the special meeting, materialized into numerous coordinated materials, including digital and paper invitations, setups, institutional and presentation videos, in order to spend a special day together.

Sinfonies as a gift


There are numerous occasions in which CiviBank makes itself available to its territory, supporting it as a sponsor, partner, and through events.

During Christmas holidays, the Banking Institute has chosen to get even closer to its community, becoming a sponsor of a symphony concert combined with a fundraising event, with the presence of important guests which gave even more value to a special occasion.