Colmello di Grotta

Building the communication project for a long-standing winery

A scenic vineyard at sunset, with rows of grapevines stretching into the distance. A wooden post in the foreground bears a small sign that reads




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With many years of history and over twenty-one hectares of vineyards, Colmello di Grotta winery is a spread-out company deeply rooted in the region, which produces excellent wines such as whites, reds, sparkling, and reserves. The communication language is deliberately noble, elevated, enriched by the deep bond of the brand and its founders with land, nature, seasons, and agricultural life.

Logo Restyling


Colmello di Grotta logo pays a tribute to its noble origins, rooted in centuries-old farming traditions of cultivating the land, caring for the vineyards, and crafting grapes into some of the finest local products.

Three versions of a crest featuring a shield with crown, keys, and sword motifs. The first is fully colored, the second is outlined in white, and the third is detailed in black. Below, the text reads
The image displays two logos side by side. Each has an elaborate crest with ornate designs. One logo has a gray background, and the other has a dark green background. Both feature the text
Image of a series of folded brochures for

Used technologies



Colmello di Grotta website, simple and user-friendly, is designed to communicate with the brand broad and international target audience: people passionate about the authentic flavors of Friuli Venezia Giulia and its noble and esteemed wines.

A computer screen displays a website featuring a close-up photo of hands holding a mix of green and purple grapes. The text reads
Website homepage for Colmello winery. Hands holding grapes at the top. Below are sections about the winery's history, a featured wine bottle, and news/events. The bottom shows an image of the winery building and contact information in the footer.

Social Media


With a rich editorial plan that highlights products, craftsmanship as well as people and nature, Colmello di Grotta tells its story on social media with multilingual, poetic, simple yet emotionally rich communication.

Meta Advertising


To strengthen its digital presence, Colmello di Grotta utilizes sponsored campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, targeting end consumers across Italy.

Additional campaigns are dedicated to special events like Golosiaria and Vinitaly, as well as awards.

Content Production


With two social media profiles that consistently document the passing of time and the changing seasons, Colmello di Grotta engages in intensive content production, capturing real-time life among the vineyards and cellars.



The label is a focal point of a bottle since it offers a visual and tactile representation of what the wine will convey.

From reds and whites to reserves, sparkling wines, and grappas, Colmello di Grotta labels are characterized by a valuable style, including unique collaborations with an Italian artist to represent specific wine lines.

Abstract painting of several conical shapes in various shades of red and orange with some textures. Below the artwork, the label reads