Constructing the symbolic image of a national event.




Communication concept, advertising, launch video, setups, BTL tools, digital tools, supervision, and coordination



The historic Rapallo conference began on July 4, 1970, and it remains one of the two major national events organized by Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori.

Here, every year, institutions, politicians, large companies, startups, and representatives of society discuss economic, labor, and social issues, sharing their views on current and cutting-edge topics.

The 53rd edition proved to be particularly crucial, a meeting that preceded the European elections, introduced by an inspiring and inspired creative concept.

Communication Concept


The importance of voting as a tool to defend fundamental freedoms: is the theme that inspired the communication concept for the 53rd Rapallo Conference.

The TOV is engaging both visually and textually, featuring a female figure in blue and yellow, symbolizing a new Europe free from cages, borders, and limitations, where her starry hair transforms into flying birds

The title “Diritti al Voto”, ambiguous yet poignant, underscores the significance of voting as a right for freedom not only in Europe but for all nations.

Poster for the 53rd National Conference of Young Entrepreneurs in Rapallo, Italy. It features a woman's face partially disintegrating into yellow birds against a blue background. Text reads



A tone of voice akin to a recruitment campaign, designed to inspire not only Confindustria’s target audience but the entire population.

With the colors representative of Europe and the title “Diritti al Voto”, the institutional campaign serves as a visual and conceptual link between institutional powers and citizens, elections and scrutiny, present and future. It is disseminated across specialized media outlets such as Il Sole 24 Ore, as well as on portals and websites.

A magazine titled
A lanyard holds a badge with a dark blue and white design. The badge is for the event

Launch video


Inspired by the communication concept and presented during the conference, the launch video served as an animated and engaging summary of the themes discussed at the 53rd Rapallo Conference. It highlighted major challenges, new opportunities, and the steadfast defense of freedoms.



To enhance the institutional significance of the conference, during the two-day event, the prestigious Excelsior Palace Hotel in Rapallo was transformed into a distinctive and representative environment aligned with the concept. This was achieved through complete setup of the spaces with roll-ups, banners, static and dynamic totems, as well as more detailed and personalized communication materials like flyers, invitations, badges, and backdrops.

Digital tools


The communication concept was conveyed both inside and outside the conference through various digital tools. This included rotating sponsor videos, personalized panels for speakers, slides, backdrops, and social media pages.

An iPhone displaying a LinkedIn post about an event titled

Supervision and coordination

The Present Management team handled live support for the conference, organizing and overseeing resources both during the event days and in the months leading up to it.