Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking

Design a campaign in the name of empowerment, for the target of private bankers and private clients.




Creative concept, photo, video and backstage production, press campaign, TV commercials, large billboards, digital banners



Born from the union of Credem Private Banking and Banca Euromobiliare, Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking is one of the main private banking operators in Italy, a modern bank with a century-old tradition, particularly attentive to the financial and life well-being of its people, its suppliers , communities and the environment in which it operates.

Creative concept


The financial and life well-being of people, human and existential empowerment and wellbanking are the focuses on which the new communication concept for Credem Euromobiliare Private Bankers is based.

The challenge? Communicate uniqueness as the Group’s main value, to attract the dual target of private bankers and private clients.

A confident woman with short, blonde hair stands with her hand on her chin, wearing a beige suit. The background is blurred with the motion of two people, one on each side. Italian text above her reads
A man in a gray suit stands confidently while holding eyeglasses. He is surrounded by blurred figures in various suits, suggesting motion. Above him, Italian text reads

Photo, video and backstage production


For the second consecutive year, Vincent Peters, an internationally renowned photographer with solo exhibitions in the most prestigious galleries in Italy, has signed the two shots for the Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking campaign.

From casting to location, from make up to styling, passing through the moment of the shooting, in every phase of the work the exceptional presence of the photographer made the backstage materials even more valuable.

Press campaign

Conveyed on the pages of Il Sole 24 Ore and other financial newspapers, the campaign was aimed directly at the two targets of Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking, different but united in their objectives and uniqueness.

The two protagonists immortalized by Vincent Peters are a woman and a man, a symbol of private bankers and private clients.

A sophisticated woman smiles confidently. She is dressed in a beige suit and poses with her hand under her chin. The text
A man in a grey suit stands confidently with blurry figures of people moving around him. The text

Spot TV


To communicate the unique, luxurious, stimulating and rewarding experience to the dual target of private bankers and private clients, two 20″ TV commercials were created, programmed on thematic television channels for the sector and information, such as very popular on Sky TG24.

Large billboards


In continuity with the first launch campaign, the Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking campaign was planned through large billboards positioned in the most strategic points of some of the main Italian cities, transmitting the human and existential empowerment of customers in a distinctive and classic way of the group.

Three digital posters are shown in various urban settings featuring a woman and a man, each with text in Italian

Digital banner


In the two male and female versions, the uniqueness of Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking and its target audience has also become the protagonist on digital, with the display of static and animated banners, financial portals and of course on the Group’s website.

A floating tablet displays an advertisement with a woman in a beige suit. The Italian text reads