Enhancing the company through its human capital

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Assistance Services


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For Euros & Promos, a company providing assistance services to businesses in the public and private sectors, a communication concept was created to highlight the central role of its operators, considering that these professionals are often invisible to workers and clients.

Euros & Promos employees become the protagonists of a brand identity that gives ample space to real faces and situations, combined with the concreteness of a business that always relies on people.

Communication concept


The enhancement of the company through its human capital is well highlighted by the underlying idea of invisibility, apparently a minus but which turns out to be a plus to be told and shared with the outside world.

Technical sheets


Invisible by vocation, but protagonists of Euros & Promos communication. Professionals in cleaning and laundering, energy, and logistics sectors become the faces and voices of the company even in the technical sheets that explain the services to both consolidated and future clients.

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Company Profile


The principles on which the Group is founded – self-help, individual and mutual responsibility, equality, fairness, solidarity, honesty, and transparency – become the communication pillars of the website.

A digital platform to tell the pride of a silent profession made of people who help others to feel better.

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An open magazine displays a profile of a woman with short hair on the left page, featuring a black background. The right page contains Italian text titled