Redesigning the brand image of a consulting company

A yellow and gray digital abstract background features patterns resembling world maps and bar charts, overlaid with white and blue rectangles. The image has a modern, tech-inspired feel and includes transparent elements and graphical representations.


Facilitated Finance


Logo restyling, corporate image, company profile, brochure, website, social media, video



Euroservis is a modern consulting company and leader in Italy in Europlanning, facilitated finance, and internationalization activities. It sought support for an important branding operation, both corporate and product-focused, conveyed through paper and digital tools.

Logo Restyling


The logo was redesigned to strengthen Euroservis image as a leading company in the market. While maintaining focus on essential and historical details for the company, the new logo was proposed in two versions, extended and contracted, to be used across various online and offline communication channels.

The image shows the logo for Euroservis, featuring the company name with a star motif. There are two versions: one on a black background and one on a white background. Both include the tagline
Three variations of the

Corporate Image


Among the projects, the coordinated approach involved using the institutional colors, blue and yellow, as a common thread for communication tools such as business cards, letterheads, document folders, and badges.

The image shows a set of branded stationery for a company named

Company Profile


In line with the new communication project, it has been created an updated and reliable company profile, an institutional tool to communicate Euroservis services, method, and results.

Two promotional booklets, one closed and one open. The closed booklet, titled

Paper and digital product materials


With its range of 360° services, Euroservis supports business projects for growth, innovation, research, and development. For this reason, a large number of customized tools are needed, such as brochures, flyers, and videos on individual services.



Based on the new brand identity, a user-friendly corporate website was created, explaining services and areas of interest, as well as results and figures, dedicated to both new and established clients and partners of Euroservis.

Used technologies

An iMac displaying a website with a group photo of people standing in front of boats docked at a marina. The website has a header with the logo and navigation menu, and the main content area includes a video player and text that reads
A webpage features a video, an introduction, and highlighted sections for services, projects, and partnerships, with a marina backdrop. The dominant colors are white, blue, and yellow, and the content promotes innovation and research initiatives.

Social media


Social media allow the rapid sharing of news and data transmission. In the case of Euroservis, they become vehicles for even technical and complex information. Therefore, to simplify the company services and skills, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels were implemented.

A composite image features a central smartphone displaying icons of people connected across a map. Flanking it are two promotional images: one highlights tax credits for capital goods (2021-2022) and the other details contributions for the reorganization of SMEs in the Veneto region.
A smartphone displays an advertisement for Euroservis with the text

Content Production


To enhance communication and promote brand identity with aligned tools, content production materials and photographic shoots were produced together with videos featuring Euroservis new headquarters in downtown Trieste, the company collaborators, and managers. This material has been conveyed on the website, company profile, brochures, and social networks.