Designing a new visual identity in the IoT sector

A digital butterfly with vibrant purple and blue hues flutters above a person's hand, surrounded by glowing light trails and geometric shapes against a dark, purple-toned background. The scene evokes a sense of futuristic and mystical ambiance.




Logo, colors, font, icon set, textures, coordinated, website



Eurotech is an international company based in Friuli Venezia Giulia whose intelligent technological solutions simplify and improve the experience across different sectors. From transportation to industrial automation, from telecommunications to healthcare, Eurotech global vision has become the focus of a complex rebranding project carried out jointly with the client’s marketing team. It aimed at effectively communicating the products, services, and philosophy of an excellent corporate reality.

Technologies used



Starting from the careful study of the pillars of corporate communication elements, Eurotech logo rebranding was a journey of research and redefinition, with a focus on simplicity and immediacy.

On the contrary, the refresh of the primary logo revealed itself to be a tribute to the past in colors, with a strong connection in shapes to the future. The secondary logos were recreated in two variations, remaining faithful to the company history.



Particularly important in a rebranding operation is the choice of colors.

As a tribute to the color used by the company at its inception 30 years earlier, a particular shade of purple, intense, electric, and distinctive from competitors, was selected for the logo.

As a sign of continuity, the colors remained the historical ones to identify the company sectors: green, blue, and gray.



Perfectly aligned with the company technological and digital approach, the font used to redesign the Eurotech logo is a contemporary sans-serif, which effectively expresses the company mission.

Additional institutional fonts, some contemporary and squared, others more classic and unusual for the sector, were designed to be used both online and offline.

A close-up of a document displaying various font styles of the typeface



Remaining into the spirit of simplification and immediacy, two sets of icons were designed and realized to facilitate external communication.

To identify the different company sectors, one icon set was designed to characterize the company intervention segments, the other to explain its technological expertise.

A graphic showing a circle and a line that together form a complete circle, followed by five purple icons: a train and car, a power line, a heart with a pulse, a factory with emissions, and a communication tower.



Among the numerous materials proposed to differentiate Eurotech from competitors, an institutional texture stands out, enhancing the various communication tools, including the website.

The texture, in shades of purple, displays a luminous grid that shines in the dark, indicating paths, solutions, and connections.

A banner with a purple background and abstract, light-based patterns. On the left side, there is a stylized logo with three horizontal lines enclosed in a semi-circle. On the right side, the text reads



The website creation process involved constant collaboration with the company internal marketing, IT, and sales departments. A large project, which from the initial analysis of the pre-existing website, led to the reorganization of its contents – with the application of the new concept on all website pages-, to the implementation of new features – such as the automatic generation of product detail tables and the reintegration with corporate management systems – and finally, to its launch online.

A laptop with a Eurotech website on the screen, displaying an image of a car with the text “Data Logging e Inferenze a Bordo per Applicazioni ADAS” on a purple and blue gradient background. The laptop is a MacBook Pro, set against a plain purple backdrop.
Screenshot of a website with the Eurotech logo and tagline,
Screenshot of Eurotech's website featuring a focus on integrated hardware and software. Main section highlights security certification IEC 62443 with a lock icon and bar chart. Tabs for