Making a technical object for home use more attracting.


Industrial Design


Concept, prototyping and execution, production, logo and payoff, instructions, content production, website, social media



Transforming a technical tool into a minimalistic design object, clearly inspired by Nordic aesthetics. This happened with Extingua – Animals: a project created to enhance the support of domestic fire extinguishers, redesigning their shape, and giving it a distinct identity, adaptable to any environment.



Fire extinguishers are often ‘relegated’ to inconspicuous corners of homes. However, their function is vital. From the idea of creating a support that enhances this important tool, giving it a body and a distinct identity, Extingua – Animals was born so to free domestic fire extinguishers from their ‘cage’ and make them blend in with every design object inside homes and offices.

Prototyping and execution


The combination of colors, shapes, and materials allows for the creation of functional prototypes and mock-ups that perfectly simulate the finished product before presenting it to the public.



A modular project designed in three different forms: kangaroo, elephant, deer. The three animals are made with interlocking shapes in light wood, which enclose and support the household fire extinguisher, giving it the look and feel of Nordic design.

Logo and payoff


A text that simulates the mobility of foam or powder from the fire extinguisher. The logo created for Extingua, combined with its payoff, humorously tells of all the safety contained in its products.



As a safety device, the marketing of Extingua cannot overlook instructions, crucial for explaining both the construction of the product and its usage in case of necessity.

Content Production


Extingua is a safety device that speaks for itself, but its aesthetic potential can also be showcased through printed and digital materials, photographs, and videos.



A simple website created to showcase the product and allow for direct purchase on the platform. Extingua is presented with all its features and capabilities in terms of safety, functionality, aesthetics, and even customization.

Social media


A straightforward communication towards users, created to enhance Extingua on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, ideal for highlighting the aesthetics of each single product.