Charting the path to change and corporate growth


Interior Design


Process mapping, strategic consulting, internal reorganization, social media, digital PR



With the aim of supporting generational change and fostering corporate growth through the definition of a long-term vision, the project for Frag has become a path targeted at the reorganization and development of processes in both the commercial area and the research and development area, expanding social channels and renewing the company digital image.

Technologies used

Brand identity


A mix of different know-how, including images and words, to enhance and standardize the company image which has led to a logo restyling, the creation of a tagline, and the development of corporate branding.

The image displays the logo for



For the institutional website, the choice was a visually impactful design, accompanied by extensive photographic images featuring a strong presence of human figures, so to convey the company deep social side.

To reach the widest possible audience, the company online presence was optimized through a strong SEO strategy.

A website displayed on an Apple iMac screen shows an interior design webpage featuring two armchairs: one in white and the other in orange. The headline
Screenshot of
A modern and stylish living room featuring a black armchair, a white-fireplace with a decorative mirror above, and minimalist decor. Text in Italian on the image reads:



The new company profile, following the previously outlined guidelines and further enhancing them with the creation of coordinated branding, has become a fundamental tool for the company and functional to convey values, mission, and vision externally. It includes concrete examples of the most important works.

A square, red book cover with the number
A person operates a sewing machine, stitching fabric. Only the hands and part of the machine are visible, with the focus on the needle and thread area. The background is a red page, emphasizing the subject on the right side of an open book.



To support the total makeover of the company image, two advertising campaigns were created: one institutional and one product-oriented, to be conveyed in local publications and further developed versions, depending on the needs of different media.

An iPhone displays a countdown with
A collage features a modern interior with circular brown seating, black-and-white geometric floor tiles, and round beige ottomans. A smartphone displaying an email from



Continuing to consolidate the company image and values, a brand reputation press campaign was created for Christmas to bring the attention of the public towards the Group and also remember its strong social commitment.

Content production


To further delve into the Frag world, both from a corporate and product point of view, a series of videos were produced to showcase leather and leather furniture during production, highlighting details, unique premium materials, and artisanal craftsmanship.