Telling the story of a regional product with a royal language

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Packaging, print campaigns, catalogs, website



Good, healthy, rich in Omega 3, genuine in taste, easy to eat: this, in one word, is Friultrota. As a brand that brings the gastronomic excellence of the region to the table, Friultrota sought guidance through a value-driven communication journey aimed at excellence.



Simplicity often rhymes with nobility, and this is the case of Friultrota products. The packaging design, for both large-scale retailers and small outlets, is conceived to highlight a story of naturalness, goodness, and healthiness, inviting the target audience to buy it.

Press campaigns


A regional product with a versatile soul that celebrates Italian culinary traditions. Friultrota trout is the star of subtly ironic print campaigns, featured in leading Italian media and popular cooking magazines.



Especially useful for large gift packages under the Christmas tree, Friultrota catalogs tell the story of each individual product unique characteristics.

Used technologies



To convey the freshness and authenticity of its products, Friultrota requested a website equally fresh, genuine, and poetic. A digital project enriched with original illustrations and animations to captivate users.

A laptop displays an animated website homepage featuring a whimsical illustration of a boat with various fish and sea creatures. The website design includes a navigation menu at the top with labeled sections. The overall theme is playful and maritime.
Screenshot of a product page from Friul Trota's website. The page is titled
A webpage showcasing various recipes with images of plated dishes. Each image is circular and includes recipe names and brief descriptions underneath. The site header features the logo