Galaxia Hospitality Services

Redesigning the identity of a luxury hotel brand

A waterfront scene showing a grand coral-pink building with white trim and balconies adorned with purple flowers. Several small boats are docked in front of the building, and neighboring buildings with varying architectural styles are seen on either side.




Manifesto, coordinated logo, coordinated image, stationery, digital platform, website, social media



Three luxury hotels magnificently set in the city centers of Venice, Florence, and Paris. This is the context that gave rise to a coordinated branding project between the structures, which enhanced their philosophy and services with communication tools aimed at an international target.



Entering a hotel, arriving in a new city, is an experience within the experience. Therefore, with the aim of enhancing the refined style and dedicated services of the three structures, we created a unique ‘collective’ manifesto embracing the hotel chain philosophy with warm, welcoming, and carefully crafted words which fully represent the three hotels.

Coordinated logo


Palazzo Barocci, Palazzo Montebello, and Chalgrin Boutique Hotel are the three hotels of Galaxia Hospitality Services for which we created three distinct logos, albeit similar in style, font choice, and the use of color. They convey the historical values and refinement of the hotel chain, respectively related to luxury locations and dedicated services.

The image shows a logo for Chalgrin Boutique Hôtel. It features an elegant floral emblem above the text
Image showing the evolution of three different hotel logos through three stages. The logos are for
Three vertical banners with maroon backgrounds and gold text reading

Coordinated image


Everything starts from the logo, evolving into communication materials such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, email signature, collectively referred to as coordinated image.

Thus, between daily paper and digital tools, the soul of the hotel chain takes shape, giving to the staff and all guests a practical sense of belonging and solidity.

Stationery set with a maroon envelope, white letterhead, and white business card. All items display a gold ornate logo and text
A card titled



Each hotel has its own customs, designed to meet the needs of ever-new, ever-different people.

The personalized stationery we created consists of a series of service materials designed to simplify life quality within the hotel. Among the developed tools there are: toiletry kits, room directories, key card envelopes, door hangers, welcome tags, and laundry forms for linen changes, pillow menus, luggage tags.

A burgundy
A cozy breakfast setting with a cup of cappuccino, a bowl of granola, a glass of orange juice, and a plate of sliced fruits including pineapple, kiwi, and papaya on a white tablecloth. A spoon, a small flower arrangement, and a napkin with a logo are also visible.

Digital platform


The distinctive and common element of Palazzo Barocci, Palazzo Montebello, and Chalgrin Boutique Hotel are prestigious locations and high-level dedicated services.

To make the guests’ stay even more unique and experiential, we studied and programmed three different QR Codes, one for each hotel. They are linked to three additional multilingual and personalized mini portals with additional information on the structure, the city, and the possibility for guests to access numerous services within and outside the hotel, directly from their smartphones.

Smartphone displaying a welcome page for
A QR code with a stylized flower pattern in the center composed of four connected petals. The code features standard black and white pixelated areas for scanning.



Every accommodation facility, especially if high-end, deserves a website where guests can discover the hotel well before their arrival.

While waiting for the official online launch, we created three dedicated landing pages, later becoming three interconnected websites linked to the most important online booking platforms. A real window on the hotels and the cities of Venice, Florence, and Paris, where the future guests can preview the spaces of the structure – with all dedicated and on-demand services – and enjoy travel inspirations, and of course, the manifesto.

Used technologies

A restaurant webpage displays an outdoor seating area, a buffet station with various dishes, and a bartender preparing a cocktail. The text sections highlight the restaurant's food and drink offerings and encourage booking for dining experiences.
A hotel webpage showcases

Social media


When you combine the beauty of historically rich buildings with the wonders of three cities which are unique in the world, it’s hard not to become an inspiration even on social media.

Thus, posts, stories, and reels created ad hoc, on-site, and as possible in real-time, represent a must for the hospitality sector, capable of generating interactions, comments, and collaborations with influencers known worldwide who, while staying at Palazzo Barocci, Palazzo Montebello, and Chalgrin Boutique Hotel, cannot help but share all this beauty with their followers.

Three smartphones are displayed side by side on a gray background. Each screen shows an Instagram profile with a grid of photos, showcasing various images related to luxury hotels, including interiors, exteriors, and amenities.
A smartphone displays an Instagram post featuring a balcony view of Parisian rooftops. The phone is flanked by a promotional image showing a luxurious junior suite with a balcony on the left and another image of a person receiving keys from a concierge on the right.