Tripling a restyling project across three different business units

Black and white image of firefighters in action with hoses. Three colored bars with icons overlay the scene: an orange bar with an arrow, a red bar with a flame, and a green bar with a safety symbol. Smoke and water are visible in the background.




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GSA is a company operating throughout Europe and a leader in Italy in the field of safety, occupational health, and fire surveillance. It has become the subject of a comprehensive and synergistic restyling project dedicated to the Group, its sub-brands, GSA Academy, and Firesafe.

Corporate Logo Restyling


GSA is a company with over 25 years of history and expertise. The restyling of its corporate logo involved refining the original shapes and colors to make the Group image more contemporary, in line with its reputation of excellence.

A sequence of three images showing the design evolution of the GSA logo. The first image features the original logo with text

BU Logo Restyling


GSA history has evolved over the years, branching out into various business units focused on offering numerous services in the safety sector.

While maintaining the corporate logo restyling as the focal point, the logos related to the BUs and sub-brands of GSA were refreshed.

Firesafe Logo


Among the companies under GSA, Firesafe boasts a solid experience in the management and maintenance of integrated fire systems. For this company, the Group requested the design of a logo representative of its core business while maintaining a strong and clear connection with GSA.

Three logos for

Vehicle Branding


The project for Firesafe also involved a plan to brand company fleets, with the branding of transport vehicles to showcase the name and logo of the GSA company wherever they go.

A collage featuring four vehicle designs branded with the

Corporate image


Letterheads, personalized business cards, envelopes, and folders, as well as product flyers and service-related materials, added even more value and importance to the renewed brand identity for GSA Group, GSA Academy, and Firesafe.

Stationery set with GSA logos, including letterhead, brochure, envelope, and business card. The brochure features diagonal lines in yellow, red, and green and a grayscale building image, with the slogan
A display of branded stationery items on a red background. Items include a letterhead, an envelope, business cards, and a folder, all featuring the logo and brand scheme of

BTL Tools


The BTL tools such as catalogs and brochure are of particular importance in highlighting the Group strengths and unique skills within the three BUs. All materials are different but unified by the institutional tone of voice.

Used technologies



Another step in the new corporate image setup for GSA, along with GSA Academy and Firesafe, was the creation of the new website. A unique platform for all BUs, designed to showcase the company services, benefits, and industry updates while maintaining a direct and corporate language.

A company webpage displayed, highlighting GSA's achievements with statistics, services, news updates, and contact information. There is an image of a man using a fire hose and another of individuals in a meeting. The page has a map with office locations and a contact form.
A webpage in Italian focused on safety equipment and services. The page features icons for safety services, images of safety gear, infographics and badges showcasing certifications, and a contact section. Text discusses expertise, comprehensive services, and company credentials.