Studying, designing, and communicating a glamorous water bottle brand




Naming, brand identity, web design, packaging, graphic design, shooting, events, video, social design, social content



IZMEE was generated by an idea: to support the affirmation of a new collective consciousness for sustainability, combining the ideal with the fashion universe. Starting from a meaningful naming, the built brand identity is strong and differentiating, with original product design and a series of graphics with a unique and distinctive style. A line of steel water bottles with a fashion soul, destined to become a new accessory and cultural symbol that helps express one’s uniqueness and responsible lifestyle.



IZMEE is a proposal strongly focused on customizing bottle graphics for each type of target audience. A highly understandable alternative, identifying each individual user, as if to say ‘It represents me’, ‘It’s me!’.

Two versions of the

Brand Identity


‘Be Your Bottle’ helps and supports a positioning already clearly expressed by the naming. A direct and effective expression, capable of emphasizing the extreme personalization of the bottle, using the main term of the merchandise category. The concept is warm and friendly to users, as it cares about meeting their mood by allowing them to express themselves freely.

A stack of bright yellow business cards with the black logo
A hand is shown holding the upper corner of a blank sheet of paper with a logo and the text



IZMEE web design was created to amaze and engage the user and it is characterized by an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Inside it, various videos and animations give the user an exceptional experience.

Tecnologie utilizzate

A silver laptop with a black keyboard displays a website on its screen. The website features a grid layout with articles, including titles, dates, images, and brief descriptions. The laptop is positioned at an angle against a plain white background.
A webpage in Italian features various reusable water bottles in different colors and designs at the top. Below, there are environmental and sustainability messages, another section with people drinking, gift ideas, and a final part about the company's mission and privacy policy.
A webpage showcasing various reusable Izmee bottles. The top section features two bottles with unique designs. Further down, there are additional bottle designs, a brief description of the brand's mission to reduce plastic usage, and social media links.



For the brand launch, we designed a packaging capable of telling the essence of each personality. It is characterized by an elegant drawer and wrapped in a band that recalls the bottle graphics, showing the user a preview of the purchase.

Graphic Design


The bottle graphics are original, studied and realized with an eye always on the latest trends, addressing the fashion world and trying to involve different personalities: from the most refined and elegant to the most ironic and explosive ones.

Transitioning from institutional to fluorescent yellow, eccentric and differentiating colors, to the more classic ones. The collections are also characterized by high-quality finishes: from textured, metallic, and glossy, to the most exclusive lines, plated in 24-carat gold or with precious crystals applied manually one by one by Italian artisans.



To present the company consistently within the fashion & luxury sector, the shooting was done in collaboration with the photographer Lucia Giacani, who has done fashion photo shoots for Harrods, Vogue Italia, and advertising campaigns for various fashion and luxury brands. The result is a daring shooting that goes beyond the classic presentation standards. A representation that visually merges the shooting protagonists with the colors of the individual bottle graphics, portraying the bottle as an accessory to match one’s outfit.



For its official debut, IZMEE chose the reference event for the trendiest accessories and womenswear, the White Show in Milan, so to be presented to buyers, operators, and international press representatives. At the White Show, the range of proposals designed exclusively for the fashion retail channel was presented for the first time worldwide.



The essence of the brand, summarized in ‘Be Your Bottle’, gains meaning through the presentation of the different collections, the correspondence between the protagonists’ outfits and the bottle graphics. A video resulting from the photo shooting, agile and impactful, suitable for digital channels.



To maintain the visual and message coherence of the brand, we created a technical video with a marked fashion style. The clip presents the technical innovations of the product, alternating information with glamorous images, thus pushing the identity of IZMEE.



IZMEE image on social media is characterized by minimalism and essentiality, to enhance the impactful graphics of the bottles. Product communication was studied in the form of Instagram stories, to effectively monitor the type of target audience. The style of the images was influenced by Lucia Giacani’s shooting, affirming and supporting the green & glamour themes of the brand.

Three smartphones displaying a social media app with a brand's profile and posts. The left phone shows a post featuring colorful spray cans with artistic designs. The center phone shows the profile's gallery page, and the right phone shows a close-up of an artistic spray can.
A composite image shows a hand holding a reusable bottle with a hexagonal orange and black pattern. The bottle is branded



For the pre-launch in Italy, IZMEE partnered with the fashion icon Cumini – Best Shop luxury and an associate of Camera Buyer Italia – which represents the best of the Fashion System.

The partnership arose from the common roots of both brands, the territory of origin, and fashion. In Cumini stores, the disruptive energy of IZMEE is the protagonist, accompanying the major fashion brands as an indispensable accessory of modern lifestyle.