La Tosta

Designing the brand image for a sustainable initiative, between sun and “cheers”.




Storytelling, naming and payoff, logo and coordinated image, labelling, landing page, social network, save the date, launch video, opening party, entertainment, merchandising, supervision and coordination



La Tosta is a project born as part of a regional program against food waste.

A brand entirely made in FVG and zero kilometer, which through a convivial drink like beer, manages to tell the beauty of an entire territory, the commitment of its people, transmitting sustainability values, with freshness and irony.


In a world increasingly attentive to sustainability, the La Tosta project stands out for its unusually light TOV approach, firmly committed to the issues.

Thus, the beer made in Friuli Venezia Giulia produced with the surplus bread of the premises on the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro, presents itself on the market with a storytelling characterized by a trendy and “happy hour” “dress”, appealing to the public of tourists and fans of the Lignano nightlife.

Naming e payoff


Just as a beer is produced from certain ingredients, the naming of La Tosta was also born by combining some of the most iconic elements of the project: mixing the term “to toast” which means to toast, with the toasted color typical of bread and why not, of gold from the Lignano sand.

“Tough but fresh craft beer” is the chosen payoff, which underlines the brand’s commitment to sustainability, combined with that freshness that cannot be missing from a beer.

A can of La Tosta sparkling Italian wine spritz is shown against a neutral background. The can features an illustrated woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, with geometric patterns and stylized architecture in the background.

Logo and coordinated image


The visual of La Tosta is an illustrated homage to summer, holidays, the Lignano lifestyle, in colors that recall the golden shades of beer, sand and bread.

An illustrated mix between solid shapes and curved lines, in which the most famous and loved places in Lignano Sabbiadoro are clearly recognisable, which act as a context for the central female figure, always illustrated, who personifies the beer.

The image features the text



For some time and all over the world, craft beers have boasted creative and appealing labels that stand out.

The same goes for La Tosta, whose labeling project stands out for its fresh and vintage-inspired style, the embossed details that make it pleasant to the touch (including the name La Tosta written in Braille), transforming each can into a excellent communication tool, perfect summer souvenir for the most nostalgic tourists.

A rectangular white box with orange branding features the text

Landing page

Together with social networks, the landing page is the most immediate and usable tool where you can find out more about La Tosta as a product, project and brand.

A showcase in which to let yourself be carried away by storytelling, ingredients, data and characteristics of the beer, identify the places and parties where you can toast with La Tosta and always stay updated on new products and sustainable initiatives, in Lignano and beyond.

A vibrant advertisement for La Tosta beer featuring Italian text and a stylized illustration of a person with sunglasses and hat. The layout showcases a beer can, glasses filled with beer, and graphics emphasizing La Tosta's artisanal qualities and eco-friendly manufacturing.
A vibrant promotional flyer for


Social network

In view of the upcoming summer season, the La Tosta project required the set up of social channels, with the development of ad hoc and sponsored PEDs capable of reaching the target and conquering it online, before on the bar counter in Lignano Golden sand.

A series of five stylized phone screens showcasing promotional material for an event called

Save the date


To give maximum visibility to the project in its entirety, a launch event was organized a few days before the opening of the summer season, conveyed to the public through posters, flyers, sponsorships on social networks but also invitations and save the dates.

A poster for

Launch video

To celebrate the birth of La Tosta, not only as a beer but as an initiative capable of combining tradition, sustainability and artisanal excellence, a launch video was created based on the illustrated details on the can.

The video, previewed during the presentation evening, was then shared on social media.

Opening party


An opening party in the summer location par excellence, the Tenda Bar in Lignano Sabbiadoro, to celebrate not only the birth of the new beer but the success of a sustainable initiative, inspiring the community.

Three cans of


Between music, dancing and, of course, beer, the launch event became a meeting opportunity for all the creators of the project, together with the institutions and supporters of La Tosta.

To make this event even more irresistible, the voice of Poma, a famous vocalist from Lignano and the DJ set of an exceptional special guest: Tommy Vee.

A man in sunglasses and a black jacket smiles while holding a canned drink. He's standing on a stage with three people in the background. The backdrop features a colorful image and text. One person speaks into a microphone, and another wears a white T-shirt with a graphic.



During the inauguration event there was no shortage of gadgets to offer to all guests, along with “liters of beer” poured for the occasion.

T-shirts with the label’s graphics, cans, free bracelets, have become highly coveted gifts for those present.

White t-shirt on a hanger, featuring a stylized image of a woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat and large sunglasses. Above her, in bold letters, it reads

Supervision and coordination


Like most events, the opening party of La Tosta also turned into a project that took part of the agency team “off-site”, involving the team in choosing the location, identifying the workers and then in the creation of project Gantts with all the activities to be implemented before, during and after the event itself.