Reformulating the brand identity of a cosmetics company

A gloved hand is placing a pipette into a beaker filled with blue liquid. The table displays various laboratory glassware, including vials, test tubes with different colored liquids, and a beaker of orange liquid. A rack of test tubes is centrally positioned.




Strategic consulting, logo, payoff, coordinated image, brochures, photoshoots, website, social media, stand



LEM Compounding Research is an Italian company engaged in the production of high-quality cosmetics, whose solid scientific principles and research vocation have become fundamental ingredients for creating a positioning brand identity.

Strategic consulting


The brand identity project started with strategic consulting: an in-depth study of competitors, market, and potential targets.



The logo is the visual summary of a brand identity, a distinctive sign of colors, shapes, fonts, which must align with the brand values. For LEM, a logo was created to reproduce a minimal DNA, almost like a ladder available to researchers to guide them to their goals.

Two versions of the LEM Scientific Method Company logo. Each features circles in a gradient forming a helix-like pattern. One logo has a white background with blue text, and the other has a dark blue background with white text.


A corporate payoff was chosen to accompany the logo, capable of conveying LEM mission in a few, simple words. The company commitment to research and scientific rigor served as a driving force for the new payoff.

Coordinated image


Even the coordinated image consisting of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and folder was developed to enhance and recall the colors and style of the logo. In a mix of blue shades and textures composed of the logo itself.

A corporate stationery set displayed on a light gray surface, including blue and white letterhead papers, envelopes, business cards, and a folder, all featuring the



It is through the constant and passionate research of its team that LEM creates its in-house products. Similarly, it is thanks to communication tools like brochures that it conveys LEM peculiarities to the target audience.

A magazine spread displaying
Two white notebooks are laid diagonally against a plain background. The notebooks feature a subtle gradient and graphic design of interconnected circles. Both covers display the company logo



The photoshoot is fundamental to communicate a company in an effective and concrete way. A tool within the tool, useful for enhancing work, people, and company activities, especially in the digital world.



Simplicity and effectiveness are the keywords for LEM. Even online. A functional, curated, and elegant website, in two languages – English and German – with texts revised from a SEO perspective to effectively communicate the brand.

Technologies Used

A computer screen displaying a webpage with a laboratory theme. The webpage shows various laboratory glassware filled with blue liquid. Text reads

Social Media


Social media takes up the colors and style of the site: the design remains appropriately minimal, strongly linked to the world of research and scientific principles.



As a company committed to cosmetics creation, LEM is a regular presence at numerous industry fairs, making it always necessary to create bespoke stands to enhance the brand image everywhere.

A trade show booth with the company name
A trade show booth showcases MY SKIN CHEMISTRY with a modern white and blue design. Behind the counter, shelves display blue and transparent laboratory glassware. White chairs surround a glass table on the blue-carpeted floor. Text describes