Transforming passion for hairstyling into a brand

Two models stand close together against a neutral backdrop. One has a high, textured multicolored hairstyle, and the other has a sleek, white bob cut. Both wear white sleeveless tops and are adorned in white powder, giving an ethereal appearance.


Beauty & Hairstyling


Logo & payoff, brand identity, direction of photographic shooting, BTL communication, packaging labeling, website



Born from an entrepreneurial dream, Loobia has become a project that has given ample space to the creativity of hair experts, stylists, and professionals.

From the creation of the name and logo to the organization and artistic direction of photographic shootings, the project requested a deployment of all BTL communication tools to meet the commercial and ethical needs of the company.

Logo and Payoff


Inspired by principles of respect for the environment, Loobia is an Italian company born from the union of hairstyling specialists constantly seeking cutting-edge cosmetic formulations.

The Loobia logo and payoff, which combines ethics with style, communicate the company care for appearance starting from nature, the short supply chain as a territory to be reborn from, and the search for new formulas enhanced by the essentiality of 100% organic products.

Brand Identity


The Loobia target audience are contemporary hairdressers and professionals attentive to people’s appearance and whose work is driven by ethical choices and distinctive products dedicated to various specializations.

The brand identity created to communicate with this audience must therefore embrace two types of targets, becoming representative of a global philosophy that takes care of the needs of hairstylists as well as their clients.

A sleek, monochromatic workspace displaying branded materials including a LOOBIA magazine on a tablet, business cards, a USB drive, and a letter on an envelope. Earbuds, a white mug, and a mouse are also on the dark desk.

Photographic shooting


The inspiration for Loobia photographic shooting comes from the world of fairy tales.

It is through the images, colors, and setting of the photographic shots that the user immerses him/herself in the magic of an enchanted world, where wonderful creatures such as contemporary nymphs meet between style, nature, and delicacy.

BTL communication


Creating beauty through science, taking inspiration from nature.

This is the message to be conveyed on all BTL communication tools, from promotional material for POVs to brochures for the sales network.

Packaging and Labelling


Healthy, rich ingredients, natural active principles, and vegetable oils. These values ​​could not be absent in the creation of product packaging and labels.

A project born to enhance the naturalness together with the style of pure aesthetics, thus giving life to Loobia tangible world.

A peach-colored pump bottle of
A group of cosmetic products with the brand name



Nature and technology, research, and attitude. These are the characteristics that make Loobia products unique.

Qualities that become true communication statements in the company website, a mix of dreamlike images and extreme styling for hair professionals.

A desktop monitor displaying a website for
A webpage displays information on different oils. The top section features a drop of oil falling into a bottle, above categories: