Leading a historic Italian brand online, through a targeted digital strategy


Play cards


Communication concept, digital strategy, website, social & digital advertising, photo shooting



From the famous Las Vegas casinos to small villages taverns, from private homes to clubs, Modiano is among the leading producers in the sector. An excellence of Made in Italy recognized internationally, with the need to ‘impose’ its online presence with coherent and value-based digital tools.

Communication concept


Intrinsically linked to the greatest artists of the late 19th century, Modiano history is a combination of creativity and know-how, tradition, and innovation.

‘Extraordinary things can happen while sitting around a table’, this is the communication concept chosen, a narrative thread capable of using cards as an evocative tool, which leads people to meet and unite, tell their stories, and challenge each other.

Starting from the concept, the challenge was to combine fonts, colors, photographic images and videos, to transform Modiano playing cards into a timeless and ageless medium, capable of bringing together children and adults, expert players and beginners around the same table from every corner of the world.

Digital Strategy


Modiano is a tactile material world, with the natural need to refresh its digital presence.

The project for the creation of the new website and social media format, with the total management of the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels and the implementation of targeted campaigns, originated from the analysis of the company, including brand identity, positioning, strengths, and weakness, also in relation to competitors and target audiences.

The target was to define an online personality that differentiates and is consistent with company values, becoming a clear and efficient point of contact and reference for the target.

Used technologies



Redefying the tree of the website, calibrating contents, spaces, visual and textual languages, all this is part of a web design project conceived from an experiential perspective, the heart of an engaging and satisfying customer journey, playful and intuitive and at the same time highly corporate.

Great news for Modiano has been the implementation of a special configurator made to allow users to create their own personalized deck, choosing between different formats, materials, game types and graphic style.

Social & Digital Advertising


The social and digital advertising strategy focused on planning campaigns on META and LinkedIn.

A project targeted on the specificities of the different channels and specific categories of users, with widespread coverage and targets of interest, with the aim of creating a community loyal to the brand on both the business and consumer side.



Inspired by the communication concept, the photo shoot brought the Modiano card decks to the center of unusual and eye-catching still lives which gave life to a ‘game of inspiration’ full of color and captivating details. They were meant to tell the story of a brand that between professional tournaments, family afternoons and games at the club, as a representation of the historic gaming tradition in Italy and around the world.