Monticolo & Foti

Crafting a brand image for the construction and plant engineering sector

Three construction workers are elevated on orange scissor lifts inside a large, empty industrial building with high ceilings and exposed ductwork. The workers are focused on the ceiling area, possibly installing or inspecting equipment.


Construction and plant engineering


Corporate identity, website, branding, advertising, reputation



Monticolo & Foti is a Group of four companies specialized in various sectors within the construction field. From the creation of the new corporate identity, complete with sales specifications and website, to the design of ad hoc campaigns, the project for Monticolo & Foti has led to a series of targeted actions aimed at enhancing the Group both in terms of professionalism and environmental and social sensitivity.

Corporate identity


A blend of diverse knowhow, between images and words, to enhance and unify the company image, which led to the restyling of the logo, the creation of a tagline, and the development of the corporate identity.



Following the guidelines outlined previously with the creation of the corporate identity, we have developed the company profile: a fundamental tool for a company, functional to convey values, mission, and vision externally, also providing concrete examples of the most important projects.



For the institutional website, we chose a visually striking graphic solution, accompanied by wide photographic images – characterized by a significant presence of the human figure – to reveal the Group deep social DNA.

To reach the widest possible audience, we strengthened the company online presence through search engine optimization with an SEO perspective.

Technologies used

A desktop computer displaying a website with construction workers on the screen. The website header includes navigation links, contact information, and the headline
A laptop and smartphone display the same construction company's website. The screen shows a banner with construction workers on-site and the text
A construction company website displaying workers on site, company services, and technical information. The header includes the company logo, contact details, and menu. Services and key metrics are highlighted, and sections on electrical and security systems are featured.
A webpage showcasing architectural and construction projects. Header features an ornate building. Sections highlight completed projects, client testimonials, company information, and a new office reveal. Navigation links and social media icons are at the bottom. Text is in Italian.



In support of the total makeover of the corporate image, we created two advertising campaigns: one institutional and one product-based, to be published in local newspapers and available in multiple versions, depending on the needs of the media.



Continuing in the consolidation of the company image and values, at Christmas, we created a brand reputation print campaign to draw public attention back to the Group and remind its strong social commitment.