Relaunching a historic winery on the international market

A bottle of Monviert Schioppettino 2016 wine is displayed upright against a dark background. The bottle is wrapped with a beige label, and it is surrounded by gnarled vineyard branches emerging from the soil, creating a rustic and elegant presentation.




Strategic consultancy, brand identity, storytelling, coordinated image, packaging and labeling, website, event



After careful market analysis, combined with the study of brand repositioning, the corporate brand identity was developed by adopting a new name and a new coordinated image, to strengthen the brand and facilitate its internationalization. The next step was to present the brand to the public through effective and multichannel communication.

Used technologies

Strategic consultancy


Acquiring information, both internal and external to the company, together with a thorough examination of the main competitors, identification of influencers, analysis of the new brand positioning, and definition of the appropriate tone of voice, allowed us to precisely delineate the values, the brand identity, and the communication strategy.

A person holds an open booklet featuring charts and data. The left page displays a diagram with red circles and text in Italian, focusing on quality and price, while the right page shows a table with green and black text. The background is white and minimalistic.

Brand identity


During the study for the new naming and the payoff ‘Wine. Land. Love.’, we took into consideration the reference market and the expression of the corporate identity. The goal was to develop a naming that could be communicative and effectively conveyed in the international market.

A diagram shows the progression of three elements (a diamond pattern, grapes, and a house) into a final emblem. Arrows depict the transformation of each element into a more stylized version, ending with a combined ornate crest featuring all three.
A logo featuring an ornate crest with a stylized vineyard and house inside, accompanied by text below. The text reads
A wooden background with a decorative logo featuring a small house, trees, and vineyard. Below the logo, the text reads



The emphasis in the brand narrative was placed on celebrating the historical traits and ancient winemaking tradition that characterizes the family for three generations. These elements were intertwined with the promotion of a territory which is distinctive for its productive excellence.

Aerial view of a heart-shaped patch of dense trees with a small building in the center, amidst green, neatly arranged agricultural fields and a surrounding dirt path.
A softcover booklet lies open on a white surface, showing its inner pages. The left page displays text under the heading

Coordinated image


To ensure a clear and distinctive presentation of the brand, an in-depth study was conducted to coordinate the use of all BTL communication tools with the values expressed through the packaging and labeling of the two new wine lines.

A brown brochure cover with the shiny silver logo of a house with vineyard vines and the text
A flat lay image displays various branded items, including a black apron, a tablet showing a vineyard scene, an envelope, a business card, a pin, a smartphone with a calendar, and a poster with abstract silhouettes and the text
A collection of Montvert-branded stationery items is displayed on a light brown surface. The items include business cards, envelopes, letterheads, folders, and pens, all featuring the Montvert logo and elegant, minimalist design with a black, white, and gold color scheme.



An advertising campaign dedicated to the brand and its ‘renewed’ story further enhanced the launch operation, communicating the new identity of Monviert to the international target.

A minimalistic wine advertisement with a horizontal image of a wine bottle labeled

Packaging e Labelling


The winemaking world is one where the bottle, in addition to its content, ‘does the talking’. The creation of new packaging and labels, in line with the new image, crowned the entire brand identity operation.

Wine label for Monviert Friulano 2018. The label features a rustic emblem of a house on a hill surrounded by trees, with the motto
A bottle of Monviert Friulano 2018 white wine. The label is white with gold text detailing the brand and vintage. The neck of the bottle also features a gold Monviert logo. The wine inside appears pale yellow.
A bottle of Monviert Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso wine stands against a peach-colored background. The bottle features a brown label with white text and an illustration of a building. A matching brown foil covers the top of the bottle.
A wine label with a decorative crest depicting a house and vineyard at the top. The text reads
Wine label featuring the brand
Three wine bottles are arranged in a row against a pink background. From left to right: a bottle of Montvert Chardonnay with a yellow-white label, a bottle of Montvert Cabernet Franc with a red and white label, and a bottle of Montvert Verduzzo Friulano with an orange label.



The website was adapted to the new coordinated image, conveying the brand visual identity. Full-screen images are correlated with the payoff ‘Wine. Land. Love.’, amplifying its impact, while product cards provide details illustrating the commitment to quality.

A computer monitor displays a website featuring an aerial view of a vineyard with the text
A vineyard website showcasing scenic aerial views of vineyards, a man tasting wine, a close-up of a wine glass, wine bottles, and wine barrels in a cellar. The layout features sections for product descriptions, testimonials, and stunning vineyard and winery photography.
Screenshot of a webpage for Monyert Schioppettino wine featuring a bottle image, wine details including production area, alcohol content, and fermentation type, an option to download technical info, a description block, and related product recommendations at the bottom.

Launch event


Together with the main political authorities of the Region and a well-known testimonial from the food sector, Simone Rugiati, it has been organized an important institutional event to celebrate the opening of the new headquarters. It was aimed at the reference audiences and company stakeholders. During the launch event, the birth of the brand Monviert was revealed and illustrated.

Vinitaly fairs and events