MSD Animal Health

Supporting the client in the Pet segment and in relations with pet lovers.

Two young children, one crouching and the other sitting, gently pet a happy Golden Retriever in a grassy, sunlit field. The children are laughing and the dog looks content with its tongue out. Sunlight streams in, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.




Exspot, Scalibor, Panacur & Panadron Plus, Remover, Thermochip Mini & Sure Sense.



A world leader in research and innovation at the service of animal health, MSD Animal Health is an international group whose holistic, synergistic, and collaborative approach between different scientific and medical disciplines is called One Health.

Its goal? To effectively communicate the brands Exspot, Scalibor, Panacur & Panadron Plus, Remover, Thermochip Mini & Sure Sense with the aim of improving the well-being of our 4-legged friends. And therefore, of humans!



Exspot is a product dedicated to dogs, whose communication concept is designed to be adapted across a wide range of tools and materials, both for the B2B and B2C audiences.

From brochures to displays, from packaging to shopping bags, and of course, in print campaigns and posters, Exspot communication language is direct and simple and above all, it must comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

Panacur & Panadron Plus


Panacur & Panadron Plus are two categories of SOP medicines aimed at protecting dogs and cats from internal parasites. When targeting the B2B audience, specifically pharmacists, the two products are presented together, almost as if they were already on display in the store.

On the contrary, for the B2C audience, each product with its respective variants (tablets or paste, standard or XL size) is presented separately.

All this results in a comprehensive and articulate offline and online communication, creating three concepts: one for Panacur, one for Panadron Plus, and one for the products together, which are adapted into print campaigns, flyers, brochures, and digital marketing campaigns.

Three boxes of Panadron Plus dog medication are displayed. The box on the left is for small dogs, the middle box for medium-sized dogs, and the right box for large dogs. Each package features a different dog photo and text in Italian.
Three packages of Panacron Plus deworming medication for dogs are displayed against a blue background. The text reads,
A person holding up a copy of
A double-page spread from a magazine featuring pet health products from Panacur C and Panacur FJB targeted at dogs and cats. The pages contain images of dogs and cats alongside product shots and text in Italian promoting internal parasite solutions.



One of MSD Animal Health flagship products, Scalibor, focuses on increasing disease awareness among users through the Scalidogs page.

How does it do it?

With informative and interactive posts in a light tone of voice, including quizzes, columns, tips, and help for pet lovers to take better care of their dogs.

An image features a smartphone displaying a social media post by ScalìDogs about creating a safe home for dogs. Next to the phone are three orange panels with illustrations and safety tips for dogs in the kitchen, yard, and living room, written in Italian.
An iPhone displaying the Facebook page
A smartphone screen displays a

Thermochip Mini & Sure Sense


Thermochip Mini is an innovative product from MSD Animal Health and the first and the only microchip with an integrated biosensor for the identification of dogs, cats, and ferrets, and the rapid and stress-free detection of temperature.

Cutting-edge technology for animal welfare, presented through brochures, flyers, posters, and online platforms, on the MSD Animal Health website and social media.

In a world dedicated to pets, veterinary clinics often become the preferred space to communicate with pet owners since they are a safe and ‘protected’ place to inform and engage them, especially during the brief waiting time before the visit.

A set of three images and one iPhone screen promoting pet microchipping. One ad depicts a dog and cat with a payment card. Another displays a woman with a cat and veterinarian. The iPhone shows a person petting a dog. The last ad shows a microchip with a band-aid.