My Skin Chemistry

Dressing a brand of scientifically advanced products

A flat lay of skincare products on a light blue background. The items are packaged in blue and white with the brand name




Logo, corporate identity, packaging and labeling, brochure, website, rendering, video



My Skin Chemistry is a brand of scientifically advanced skincare products, featuring cutting-edge formulations and specific solutions that required a brand identity intervention to effectively communicate to both B2B and B2C audiences.


Solidity, reliability, science. These are the values that inspired the My Skin Chemistry logo: a sort of minimalist and clean periodic table in white and blue colors, particularly appreciated in the cosmetic sector.

Two logos on a white background with the text

Corporate Identity & Packaging


To strengthen the corporate identity, along with logo development, a strong, simple and yet impactful corporate identity was created to be conveyed through all communication tools, also characterizing individual and specific products.

Another step in the development of the corporate image was the creation of numerous packaging options paired with different labels, capable of representing added value for the target audience as well as the brand.



As a widely used BTL communication tool, brochures remain appreciated by agents and the target audience. A meticulously crafted project, a mix of images and texts with an institutional tone of voice to showcase the products to the target audience.

An open booklet and closed book titled

Digital Marketing


A simple platform where messages are direct and effective, supported by scientific evidence. A clean and minimal aesthetic, highlighting the products and their unique features as much as possible.

A webpage for

Technologies used

Product rendering


The rendering of the products and packaging is fundamental for representing the products in a neutral and clean way, without aesthetic pretensions.



The packaging renders take center stage in a product video with a strong scientific emphasis. A simple motion design project that, just like the intentions of the logo, communicates solidity and reliability.

A flat-screen TV displays various blue and white skincare products arranged stylishly. The text