Supporting the growth of a design brand for home and office

A blurred person walks down concrete steps, with wooden handrails, situated on both sides of the image. A black modern chair, a small stack of books, a cup, and a tall floor lamp with a round light are placed on a colorful rug in the middle landing.


Interior Design


Website, newsletter templates, social media



Nahu is the new brand of seats, armchairs, and accessories born in the historic Italian cluster of industrial chair design.

With versatile and elegant collections, Nahu products are designed to meet contemporary people needs, reinventing home and office spaces with soft, welcoming, natural shapes, textures, and tones to reinterpret the concept of smart-working.

Technologies used



A refined and engaging website that reflects the company brand identity, highlighting the minimalist and welcoming style of furnishings, featuring video banners, image carousels, and download areas.

A multilingual digital project and a simple and user-friendly user experience to communicate with an increasingly international audience, looking for unique products that bear the unmistakable signature of the Made in Italy.

A silver MacBook Pro laptop displaying a modern website for
A webpage from an Italian brand named
An elegant webpage showcasing the

Template newsletter


Business practice is about building customer loyalty, showcasing new releases, introducing to new target audiences and showing the ‘behind the scenes’.

Nahu newsletters are created in continuity with the website and brand identity, featuring colors, shapes, and textual elements communicating new product releases, passing the word to the designers, showcasing present and future projects, engaging in direct discussions with a selected audience of users.


A smartphone screen displays a minimalist website for

Social media


Every respectable company and brand must have a tailor-made editorial plan.

After a careful competitor analysis, Nahu social strategy focused on putting products at the forefront to increase brand visibility and reputation.

On one hand, the classic mix of static and dynamic formats fully accomplishes the task of communicating with users, while on the other hand, the complete management of live events becomes a fundamental tool for allowing audience interaction with the company.

A smartphone displaying an Instagram post stands in front of enlarged, side-by-side Instagram posts featuring modern office furniture, including chairs and tables in neutral colors. The posts showcase various stylish setups with minimalist design elements.
A smartphone displaying an Instagram post is in front of four printed Instagram posts laid out horizontally. The posts feature images of furniture, a person's portrait, and text in Italian about design and craftsmanship.