Designing a disruptive rebranding for the world of aesthetic medicine




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To accompany the rapid growth and evolution of Neauvia, an international leader in the field of aesthetic medicine, we have renewed the brand image by giving voice to its revolutionary holistic approach to aesthetic treatments.


A brand destined to trace innovative and personalized paths in the world of aesthetic medicine. This is the concept from which we began to create an iconic, feminine, and timeless naming. Neauvia was thus born, as a new path in the aesthetic medicine sector for both B2B and B2C targets.



Refined, iconic, chic. Just like the naming, the Neauvia logo ‘plays’ with subtle and delicate shapes, which are also capable of remaining in the memory. In addition, it is represented by the color red, a shade unprecedented in the world of aesthetic medicine.

Three versions of the NEAUVIA logo are shown. The top version is a faint, light grey with design grid guidelines. The middle version features red text, while the bottom version displays black text on a white background. Both colored logos have a registered trademark symbol.



The project was born from the study of a new visual identity, strongly characterized by ‘Neauvia red’, which has always contributed to guaranteeing the brand a unique positioning in the sector. The creative concept ‘Red & Independent’ was then developed: a differentiating path, which speaks to women and men with strong and determined personalities, who follow their passions without being influenced by social patterns.



To give substance to Neauvia disruptive approach to beauty, the photographic shooting has a clear one fashion inspiration, which focuses on the important characterization of male and female models, and which allow the brand to be represented on a global level.



The still-life shots of cosmeceutical products clearly indicate the natural active ingredients that characterize their formulations, with an image that breaks away from the conventional standards of representation.

A group of red Neauvia skincare products arranged in an artistic display against a vibrant red geometric background. The set includes bottles and a jar with reflective silver caps, showcasing a modern and sleek design.
A dark-colored skincare product bottle labeled


Neauvia has always been a brand that combines the concept of beauty with lifestyle and with a strong, determined attitude, like a ‘red carpet’ for women and men of all ages. These are the foundations that led to the creation of a fashion communication campaign that mixes city gray with Neauvia red, telling the life of the metropolis between style, cult of beauty, and naturally, of one’s own external and internal well-being.

A person with sunglasses, dressed in a dark blazer, stands in an urban setting holding a white mug in one hand and reading a newspaper with the headline
A backlit advertisement display features a fashionably dressed person in a red coat and light-colored hair, set against an urban backdrop. The text on the display reads


The Neauvia packaging takes up the corporate identity, evolving it into a three-dimensional concept. A differentiating and valuable project which, by using the color red, literally dresses the products, giving them the disruptive personality of Neauvia.

Four boxes of Neauvia products labeled



Rethinking Neauvia communication approach also means intervening in the various tools, thus replacing the conventional catalog with a magazine: this is the ideal tool to present the lifestyle, scientific contents, and products offered by the brand, ensuring at the same time a pleasant reading experience.



An innovative digital platform that strengthens Neauvia online presence and further highlights the disruptive personality of the brand.

The new Neauvia website is an immersive and mobile-first experience, where users can enjoy high-quality content in an intuitive and simple way.

Inside, there is also the Neauvia Channel container with videos, informative workshops, and TV programs such as the now famous Neauvia Prime Time and Red Science Thursday. Created for both B2B and B2C targets, with the peculiarity of allowing affiliates and distributors to customize some parts of the platform, the new Neauvia website is an authentic and original digital ecosystem, curated in every single detail, from the concept development phase to the moment of launch.

Used technologies

A computer monitor displays a website with a red header displaying the brand name
An overhead view of a MacBook laptop and two iPad tablets displaying a website with a red-themed design. The website features an image of a person in a red jacket and the text



The new visual identity was also declined in exhibition spaces, to convey coherence to the brand identity. The first presentation of the new identity took place at one of the most important trade fairs in the world: IMCAS in Paris.



To surprise the market and convey the brand innovative imprint, it has been studied and created Neauvia Prime Time, a unique and engaging talk show hosted by a presenter and with several exceptional guests.

The result was a success: the live streaming broadcast on Neauvia Channel was viewed by more than 3,000 viewers from over 77 countries.

A disruptive and unprecedented format, which allowed the brand to interact with customers and prospects even in a moment of social distance.



Dedicated entirely to beauty, lifestyle, and well-being, with solid scientific foundations: this is Neauvia Channel, an unprecedented immediate and interactive phygital experience, expertly mixing authority and entertainment. Here, informative and scientific contents are conveyed worldwide by using exceptional testimonials and the engaging language of television shows.

A display screen shows the logo