Supporting an international repositioning project

A hand holding a pencil is drawing a child on top of a sketch of the Earth. The child appears to be peering down at the globe. The image is in black and white, and the artist's signature is visible in the bottom right corner.




50th Anniversary, brand identity, advertising, video, company profile, catalog, international trade fairs, award design, press office, magazine



Pilosio is an historic company that produces scaffolding, formwork, and shoring for construction and maintenance in the construction, infrastructure, and entertainment sectors.

The project related to the company expansion into the global market involved planning new business objectives with a cross-cutting corporate communication project: from brand identity to communication tools such as company profiles, magazines, catalogs, and videos, from advertising to the establishment of an international award, from the press office to trade fair communication.

Brand identity


The restyling of the logo, with a new payoff in English, is coherently designed with the goal of internationalization and serves as an image vehicle throughout the corporate coordinated materials.

The image features the Pilosio logo, consisting of a stylized
A set of branded office stationery items displayed on a gray surface, including a blue-bound notebook, a tri-fold open letter, an envelope, two business cards, and four binder clips. All items feature a consistent blue and white color scheme with the company logo.

Company profile


The 50th anniversary is a milestone commemorated by Pilosio with a company profile that traces the history of the company and the milestones that have marked its success in the global market.

Black and white image of a building under construction with scaffolding, viewed from a low angle. The text
An open booklet features a black-and-white photograph of a tall industrial structure on the left page. The right page has text, a portrait of a man in a suit, and a signature at the bottom, with a small company logo in the top-right corner.
An open book displays a black and white aerial photograph of a large industrial building with surrounding fields on the right page. The left page contains blocks of text in a clean, sans-serif font, offering a historical or descriptive narrative.
A two-page magazine spread with the left page having a grayscale photo of a person at a laptop, with the text



An additional tangible tool to present the company reality and the new construction sites worldwide.

A photo of an opened magazine titled

Institutional video


The corporate video showcases Pilosio strong drive for technological innovation, communicating the solidity of a brand capable of supporting major international contracts related to the construction industry.



To support the company in its repositioning project, several campaigns were created and published in newspapers and trade magazines in Italy and abroad.



A ‘weighty’ volume that brings together the entire Pilosio world, communicating tangibly and concretely all the company expertise. A tool that qualifies it as a leading player in the industry.

A user manual titled
Two construction-related booklets are displayed on a light-colored surface. One booklet is closed with a dark cover featuring a construction site view and the word

50th anniversary


With 50 years of activity behind it, Pilosio became the protagonist of a major event celebrated within the company with employees, clients, suppliers, and close friends.

This became the occasion to create an ad hoc brand image, with a logo and coordinated image dedicated to the anniversary.

International trade fairs


For the BAUMA in Munich, the world largest construction trade fair, it was necessary to design an entire pavilion with Pilosio scaffolding: an original and impactful architectural solution, in which weaves and scaffolding give movement to the structure.

People walking by a modern building with a black corrugated facade and an intricate support structure. The building has the word
Panoramic view of a construction site with multiple workers and cranes in action. The workers are lifting and placing large concrete slabs. The text



The creation of an award of international importance, the Pilosio Building Peace Award, has brought about a comparison with competitors on the level of entrepreneurial culture and the recognition of the importance of ‘building’ as a social and relational fact that influences social dynamics.

Opinion leaders of planetary stature, such as Ram Charan and Nouriel Roubini, were involved in this project.

Press office


The expansion of relations and company business was communicated through the press office, responsible for managing the reputational sphere and valorizing the great steps taken also in terms of the economic significance of the orders.

Two stacked white booklets are shown, each labeled