Developing an engagement project in a location of international interest.




Concept and coordinated image, radio spots, digital banners, social advertising, site-specific setups, supervision and coordination, photo and video reporting



Portopiccolo as a fairy tale village. This will be remembered by countless guests, tourists, and curious people who, from December to January, have been amazed by ice sculptures, music and dance shows, moments of play, entertainment, and treats for adults and children.

Being a tourist destination during the summer holidays, the traveling event succeeded in ‘illuminating’ the gem of the upper Adriatic during an unusual time of year, transforming Portopiccolo into a true magical village for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Concept and coordinated image


A blend of Christmas and Cinderella’s fairy tale: this was the starting point for a ‘magical’ communication concept, with an illustrated and kid-oriented visual campaign and a playful and attractive tone of voice aimed at all families.


Radio Spots


A medley of the famous song ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’ and an equally iconic Christmas background. This is how ‘Portopiccolo, Un Borgo da Favola’ presented itself to its audience, through a creative and catchy radio spot, to hum along in the car.


Digital Banners


Starting from the coordinated image, the most important newspapers in Friuli Venezia Giulia welcomed the banners of ‘Portopiccolo, Un Borgo da Favola’, allowing users to discover, through a dedicated landing page, the main information about the event and the scheduled activities.


Social Advertising


Portopiccolo social feeds have literally transformed for ‘Un Borgo da Favola’, integrating the institutional communication of the location with a social media campaign, with sponsored posts dedicated to the event and targeted in Italy and abroad.

Site-specific setups


A Christmas full of magic, thanks to Cinderella fairy tale but also to the numerous site-specific setups created for the occasion within the village, including a gigantic luminous tree to ‘explore’ with the family, themed lights and decorations, ‘crystal’ sculptures made live by ice artisans, and even a splendid carriage to let children travel with their imagination.

Supervision and coordination


Organizing a multi-day event, outdoor, open to the public, means scouting resources, selecting performers, performances, and setups, organizing moments and modes of entertainment, coordinating work teams before and after the event, accounting for contingencies, and being able to manage them, naturally even ‘live’, for everyone’s satisfaction.


Photo and video reportage


Even though the phone – and especially its camera! – is an extension of every human being, during an event, official photos and videos are an indispensable tool that allows guests to remember every moment, immortalizing it from different perspectives.