Accompanying Friuli Venezia Giulia on a journey to enhance its territory.

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Communication concept, advertising, winter domination, food and wine domination, digital advertising, below-the-line tools, radio spots, photographic shooting



Spanning from the sea to the mountains, from food and wine specialties to unique raw materials, Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region with countless possibilities, guided through communication campaigns on major national and international media.

From the ski pass to the beach umbrellas, from local folklore to craftsmanship of the remotest villages, Friuli Venezia Giulia continues to amaze and be talked about, always presenting itself personally.

Communication concept


The design of every communication tool dedicated to PromoTurismo FVG and its business units was preceded by the creation of a creative concept.

‘I am…’, an incipit used and appreciated not only by the region inhabitants and tourists but also, and above all, by the media, has become the central and adaptable concept of all campaigns bearing the region name.

An agricultural landscape in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, with text overlay in Italian:



Friuli Venezia Giulia is a multifaceted region, welcoming and yet wild, intimate yet open to multiculturalism.

A blend of culture and biodiversity, winter and summer sports, outdoor adventures, surprising villages, relaxation among vineyards, food and wine events, and traditions to celebrate. These are the communication pillars for all projects relating to the promotion of the territory, supported by a Friuli Venezia Giulia ‘with open arms’, which speaks firsthand through newspapers, magazines, social networks, and banners.

Winter Domination


Not just a page but an entire national newspaper, often two simultaneously, hosts the region communication campaigns.

The monographic, or domination, project is a successful ongoing endeavor, a must-have that anticipates the winter season by shining a spotlight on ski resorts, snow and ice adventures, villages and typical cuisines, handicrafts, food and wine events, and cultural events.

A newspaper to browse, reading and discovering, page after page, the intimate, personal, and dreamy stories of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Food and wine domination


Tourism is not only about places but also, and above all, experiences. Like those to be lived at the table.

With the aim of enhancing the important food and wine heritage of the region, an important domination was carried out, a project which brought unique raw materials, traditional recipes, and ancient dishes paired with wines equally rich in history, to all pages of the most well-known national newspapers, all to be savored.

Digital Advertising


The PromoTurismo FVG world cannot have limits or boundaries. For this reason, in conjunction with institutional advertising, coordinated digital campaigns are regularly planned.

An impactful mix of skins and banners from leading publications to accompany users within our region. Even online.

Below-the-line tools


From institutional magazines, advertorials, to flyers, roll-ups, and the entire trade stands for fair or events. Used to communicate individual products such as sea, mountains, culture, food and wine, but also to enhance events or particular manifestations, below-the-line tools are designed according to the target audience, created to once again and in a different way, tell the potential of the region.

Setting up and events

Radio spots


Paired with the most important and massive communication campaigns, radio spots are an additional, creative, and engaging means to reach the target audience.

The spots created for PromoTurismo FVG, whether 15”, 20” or 30”, once again make the region, in a different way, the protagonist.

Photographic shooting


Photographic shooting plays a very important role within communication campaigns. Especially when it comes to tourism.

Some places and environments require special attention and care, the right light, the ‘clinical’ eye of a team of professional photographers, capable of enhancing an entire communication project with a single shot.