Developing a brand identity path for an aesthetic medicine brand

Black and white close-up of a woman with long, wavy hair cascading over her shoulder. She has a slight smile, and her hand gently rests under her chin. The background is a solid, muted shade, emphasizing her serene expression.




Logo construction, coordinated image, packaging, catalogs, ADV campaign, website, social media



Renée is a German brand dedicated to research in aesthetic medicine. With a line of fillers covering various needs, Renée has increased its international renown. Thus, the brand needed to communicate with an increasingly worldwide audience, doing so with a new image, renewed in Renée style.

Logo Construction


The logo is the visual summary of a brand identity. It is a distinctive sign of colors, shapes, fonts, that must align with brand values. For Renée, this led to an in depth study using the same approach oriented towards aesthetic purity that the company pursues with doctors and patients.

An image showing two versions of the word

Coordinated image


Renée institutional color becomes the link between the company institutional materials. A refined tone paired with the delicacy of lines, colors, and naturally the logo, gives distinctive elegance to stationery, notebooks, and business cards.

A set of branded stationery is displayed, including a blue folder, a notepad with an illustrated woman's face, envelopes, a business card, and three pencils. The branding prominently features the name
A person with short dark hair is carrying a large blue tote bag draped over their shoulder. The bag has the word



Renée filler packaging, naturally in the institutional color, is characterized by various prominently displayed figures, which represent the concentration percentage of hyaluronic acid in each product. A way to transform each pack into a useful and usable working tool.

Four blue rectangular boxes of
A light blue rectangular box standing vertically, featuring the product name



Five products for five different needs. Two catalogs, one aimed at the B2B target and one at the B2C target, capable of taking Renée world out of Renée: to doctors and within aesthetic clinics worldwide.

ADV campaign


Renée institutional color returns as a common thread for press campaigns. A light and enveloping turquoise veil characterizes the ADVs, embracing models and products in the foreground and giving them even more value.



Simplicity and effectiveness are the keywords for Renée. Even online.

A functional, curated, and elegant website, in two languages: English and German, with texts revisited from an SEO perspective to effectively communicate the brand.

Screenshot of the homepage for a skincare product called RENE. It features a woman touching her face, a product description about

Technologies used

Social media


Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn become interactive stages for Renée to communicate its product and its approach to beauty, sharing it with the same refined and elegant style, through institutional colors and the voice of aesthetic medicine experts and patients.

A smartphone displays a webpage from RENEE featuring a woman and the text