Ragozzino Barber Shop

Giving a welcoming, refined, and timeless identity to a new barber shop.


Interior Design


Concept, preliminary and executive project, demolition and reconstruction, site supervision and implementation, systems and furnishings



A barber shop as a new masculine destination for beard, mustache, and hair cutting. This interior architecture project has dressed up a salon in the city center with sophistication and comfort, alternating vintage-inspired elements with modern reinterpretations to create a timeless space suitable for every kind of client.



The concept was developed with the aim of creating an identity space where clients feel comfortable, in friendly and well-kept environments.

A project that, while combining vintage elements reinterpreted with contemporary and personalized details, follows market trends, making the location captivating, functional, and attractive at first sight, with its services.

Preliminary and executive project


Developed within spaces that previously housed a completely different commercial establishment, the project was designed to bring to life a timeless barber shop, enriched with iconic details, where the atmosphere is inviting, elegant, and captivating.

Demolition and reconstruction


A sort of ‘reset’ of shapes, spaces, and system arrangements: demolition and reconstruction work involved the entire structure, a reinvented and reformulated project aimed at making the environment suitable for hosting a barber shop.

Site supervision and implementation


Within the spaces, work proceeded to create an efficient layout of work areas, with the placement of light points, washbasins, waiting areas, and the design of situations tailored to the needs of collaborators and clients.

Systems and furnishings


The interiors were dressed with a skillful mix of contract elements, custom-made pieces, and creative details.

Examples include the interlocking vault structure, inspired by ancient coffered ceilings, which gives rhythm to the premises and transforms into furnishing complements for the display of products such as shampoo, conditioner, creams. But also, the customized wall panels that simulate barber blades, visual and iconic elements found in the door handle, a true ‘business card’ for clients entering the barber shop.