Repositioning a leading company in telecommunications.

A glowing doorframe stands in a field under a starry night sky, revealing a vibrant, illuminated cityscape of tall skyscrapers inside the frame, contrasting with the dark and quiet natural surroundings.




Creative concept, print campaign, radio, digital, social media



For Gruppo Retelit, an Italian leader in the construction of tailor-made projects in telecommunications, we have developed an institutional repositioning campaign, planned online and offline, in the main national newspapers and radio, aimed at redefining the image of the Group and making it emerge as the best, most agile, and reliable, to accompany companies, public administrations, and investors into a future as revolutionary as possible.

Institutional creative concept


‘Your Gateway to the Future’ is the creative concept that focuses on the theme of the digital revolution using an iconic and almost science-fiction language, in stark contrast to the purely institutional communication style of competitors.

Press Campaign


Four different subjects, a single cinematographic-style thread, designed to attract and engage readers of the main national newspapers, guiding them through imagination to a portal that leads to digital transformation from four corners of the world.

A magazine lies open on a smooth surface, showcasing an advertisement. The left page displays a futuristic cityscape within a neon frame with the tagline



Radio is a still current media and accompaniment of classic car journeys, from home to work and vice versa. The protagonist of the radio campaign is an authoritative voice, a leader, capable of guiding the listener through Retelit gateway.

Product creative concept


Following the success of the institutional campaign, it became necessary to proceed with the creation of a product creative concept and the ideation of four ad hoc, identifying, and differentiating naming, able to best express the benefits of each offer.



Realized online, among banners, skins, landing pages, and DEMs, the web campaigns were planned with the aim of intercepting Retelit potential customers in their natural ‘digital’ habitat, encouraging them to discover the Group and its offers.

A tablet and smartphone displaying the Retelit website. The website features a blue theme with a digital hologram of a heart on the tablet screen, showcasing

Used technologies

Social media


On social media, institutional and product concepts found ample space to tell themselves in an even more direct and simple way, informing users and establishing an open and engaging dialogue.

Three iPhones are displayed side-by-side, each showing different screens. The left phone screen reads
A display of four smartphones showcases images of future cityscapes on their screens. Each phone screen features the text