SAVE – Aeroporto di Venezia

Accompanying the growth of an Italian airport hub.

Clouds in the sky above clouds.




Frequent flyers project, logo, card customization, BTL tools, multi-subject campaign, promotional print campaign, spring print campaign, summer print campaign.



SAVE, an Italian airport hub of international importance, keeps its promise of uniting people and distant worlds, through special projects and dedicated campaigns, during the pandemic and in the following periods, with the restart and the creation of new routes.

Frequent flyers project


Dedicated to frequent travelers, the Frequent Flyers loyalty project is linked to The Million Card and Club The Million, whose goal is to transform the waiting time at the airport into a pleasant stress-relieving break, offering exclusive benefits and rewards.



The logo for The Million Card and Club The Million is a minimal and refined visual element, designed to communicate to the public of elite travelers values such as exclusivity, uniqueness, and the concept of experience, as stated in the payoff ‘Fly Before Flying’.

Three variations of the

Card customization


The Million Card is a card designed for contemporary travelers, people who do not like to waste time, often traveling for work. The loyalty program is personalized to give them a valuable tool that ‘opens the doors’ to airport services, from parking to the gate.

A hand holding a small card between the thumb and index finger. The card displays the text
A blue card with

BTL tools


In order to ensure effective brand communication and expand the target audience, coordinated tools were designed within the airport such as totems, flyers, brochures, and ground signage.

A brochure with a blue cover features an image of a person in a suit holding a card inside a blue pouch. The text reads

Multi-subject campaign


Designed to express the idea that The Million Card transforms waiting moments into leisure and relaxation, the multi-subject campaign was added: a project aimed at existing and future frequent flyers of the airport hub, using captivating yet business-like language.

A man in a business suit putts golf balls inside an office building with large windows and an expansive city view. Beside him is a briefcase. Text in Italian reads:
A businessperson sits on an armchair knitting with red yarn in an airport terminal. A briefcase and a red ball of yarn are on the floor. Large windows and a pedestrian in motion are in the background. Italian text is visible above and additional text below the scene.

Promotional print campaign


A simple, iconic campaign with a social function. During the pandemic period, with the airport closed, SAVE wanted to offer its support to the population, communicating the concrete commitment made towards national healthcare.

A poster featuring an airplane window looking over clouds with text inside the window. The headline reads
An open magazine displays a full-page blue and white advertisement with Italian text

Spring print campaign


To communicate the reopening of the airport in the post-pandemic period, a ‘relaunch’ and brand awareness campaign was created. Broadcasted on major newspapers and magazines, the campaign shed light on the beauty of traveling, using joyful sky-blue colors and a simple and memorable message.

A promotional poster titled
An open magazine displays a full-page advertisement with a cloudy sky background. The text

Summer print campaign


To anticipate the summer period and, with it, the ‘universally’ favorite time for traveling around the world, SAVE chose to promote itself with a new campaign, capable of expressing a warm and welcoming message towards the target, especially young travelers.

A poster showing a couple holding a large red heart umbrella, standing on a suitcase with the sun setting over a scenic background. Text at the top reads
A person holds open a travel magazine showing pages with vibrant images. The left page features a person holding a red heart-shaped umbrella with a sunset backdrop. The right page shows a woman with red hair holding a vintage camera, set against an orange background.