Celebrating 80 years of business through an emotional campaign




80th anniversary – logo restyling, website, social networks, special project and contest, photo shoot, video, booth, event, advertising



A dual communication project for one of the world leading brands in the sports footwear sector.

The approach started with identifying a concept capable of speaking to different communities, divided by sports disciplines. Then, it was applied across various communication tools to enhance the company image as a whole and to mark its 80th anniversary.

Technologies used

80th Anniversary

Logo restyling


For its 80th anniversary, Scarpa requested a logo restyling, resulting in a reorganization of weights and shapes of the previous logo, with the central inclusion of the figure ‘80’ accompanied by the years of the company founding and anniversary, and the celebratory payoff Wilderness Celebr80.

A round logo with two thick black outer rings and a white background. Inside, there's a green and red abstract design above the red word
Image showing three graphical designs of the Scarpa logo. The first design features Scarpa’s logo inside a circle, the second is a blueprint-like sketch, and the third celebrates the 80th anniversary with “1938 - 2018” and


In continuity with the logo restyling, to enhance the 80th anniversary and shape a genuine brand awareness project, a dedicated website was created targeting the company international audience.

A laptop displays a website with a black and white photograph of an older man with a serious expression. The site commemorates an 80th anniversary, featuring the text
A smartphone displays a website featuring a portrait of a man at the top, with the text
A website layout for

Social Network


Alongside the website, social media communication also underwent a change of direction. The 80th anniversary was further highlighted in posts, featuring special projects and iconic products.

A white smartphone displays a social media post featuring SCARPA alpine touring boots. The post includes an image of orange boots with text
A smartphone screen displaying a Facebook post by Scarpa fan featuring their Zero8 shoes. Next to it, marketing slides highlight shoe details: an up-and-down lacing system, vertical rock sole, and lifestyle branding. A Scarpa logo is visible on the last slide.

Special Project and contest


Particularly significant in the anniversary context was the conception, planning, and management of a special project. Three Scarpa products, with personalized packaging, became ‘objects of desire’ for a contest aimed at brand enthusiasts and athletes.

Photo Shoot


The fruitful collaboration between the photographers’ team and the agency artistic direction resulted in a photo shoot featuring three exceptional athletes: thus, Hervé Barmasse, Romolo Nottaris, and Heinz Mariacher became ambassadors of the company in its 80th year, further enhancing the brand.



Representative video spots and Wilderness Celebr80 attitude videos also contributed to celebrating Scarpa 80th anniversary.



For Ispo Monaco, the most important fair dedicated to winter sports, stands and communication tools were designed, always in line with the anniversary concept, capable of enhancing the company’s already strong reputation.

A display booth with a large black wall featuring the text
A booth at a trade show featuring Scarpa's 80th anniversary. Displayed are ski boots in a glass case and limited edition sneakers on a wall. The backdrop shows a large image of a man with



For an anniversary, the creation of a celebratory event is inevitable. Supported by the wordplay Wilderness Celebr80, the event emphasized the experiential side of Scarpa transforming it into an occasion to celebrate.