Definition of business units and support for trade

A person wearing neon green running shoes leaps over large rocks on a mountain trail. The background features a clear blue sky and distant mountain ridges under sunlight. The person is dressed in athletic gear including shorts and an olive green shirt.


Sporting Footwear


Campaigns, brand guidelines, social networks, digital advertising, catalogs, trade fairs, content production, special projects

Press campaigns


Scarpa institutional advertising campaigns were designed both to highlight the strengths of different products and to engage sports enthusiasts and professionals through compelling storytelling and warm photographic choices.

A young man and woman sit on an outdoor staircase, each wearing colorful Mojito shoes by Scarpa. They smile and chat, holding coffee cups. Various models of the Mojito shoes are displayed at the bottom. The text reads
A magazine spread features a snowy mountain landscape on the left page. The right page is an advertisement for SCARPA showing a group of hikers in winter gear standing on a wooden deck and two SCARPA ski boots at the bottom. Text reads,

Brand Guidelines


Brand Guidelines are among the most important tools. It is an official document that precisely outlines the visual guidelines and communication style of the brand, with the aim of standardizing and coordinating the corporate image, making it consistently coherent across all media.

Social Advertising


National and international social campaigns dedicated to promoting Scarpa innovative products, diversified by segment and target.

A sleek black smartphone with an Apple logo on the back is positioned next to another smartphone displaying an advertisement for SCARPA climbing shoes. The advertisement text reads
Three smartphones display different outdoor gear-related images. The first phone shows a climber's boot, the second phone features a skier and snowboarder on a snowy mountain, and the third phone highlights a pair of skiing boots with a detailed description.

Digital Advertising


Adapted in the form of banners and skins within the most important mountain portals, Scarpa sports world has come to life through a graphic design aimed at optimizing conversion and adding value to clicks.

A promotional banner for ISPO Munich with a skier descending a snowy mountain. The text reads,
The image shows a tablet displaying a webpage from Outdoor Magazine. The page features articles about snow activities and trails, including

Product catalogs


Supporting the sales network, catalogs have become part of a family of coordinated products designed to effectively communicate the features and technologies of Scarpa products.

Trade fairs


At the two main European trade fairs, ISPO for the fall-winter and Outdoor for spring-summer seasons, Scarpa stands were designed and created along with shoppers, dedicated invitations, and postcards, with the aim of giving coherence to the brand identity by enhancing brand innovations.

Content Production


We develop a series of video and photo materials of the products in action, combining the footage with three-dimensional technical elements.

Special Project


An ambassador for high-altitude sport, Scarpa has become a technical sponsor of Livigno.

Poster for SCARPA featuring a skier in yellow and black gear skiing down a snowy mountain. The text reads,
The back of a bus is decorated with an advertisement featuring a skier in action on a snowy mountain. The text reads